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January 22, 2014

As if the Photographic Evidence of Syrian Atrocities Could Have Gotten Any Worse

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There will be much more to say about this staggering human rights story, about the images smuggled out of Syria documenting the government’s systematic torture and killing of roughly 11,000 detainees as captured in approximately 55,000 photos. (This post at The Guardian contains the expert’s report.) In the meantime, do you know what’s so stunning about this file image editors chose to illustrate this UPI article about the mechanistic butchery and the graphic, if hideously clinical photos many are comparing to those from the Nazi concentration camps? It’s that the revolting image of child corpses circulated last August to document the Syrian government’s gassing of its own citizens in Ghouta would, by comparison, look so quiet and serene.

  • Stan B.

    One can’t also help but recall the propaganda about babies being thrown out of their incubators to promote the first Gulf War and how those lies may be tainting these ongoing atrocities.

    • Abby

      Babies on the bayonets, led me to the same thought ,but then so many reasons to be skeptical. If News can lie so can pictures.

  • glennfm

    A team of scientists has cast considerable doubt on WHO, exactly, launched the gas attacks last summer. It seems the missiles used could not have been fired from government-held territory.
    OK – we know Assad is brutal dictator, and that the “rebels” included a heavy Al Qaeda presence.
    The problem here is that the West – and the US, especially – have no moral standing left to protect human rights. Interventions in the last two decades that were made in the name of human rights have turned out to be shams, so there is no credibility left.
    And it is not just Bush’s fault: Obama just got done droning a wedding party in Yemen earlier this month.
    American leaders do not have the moral standing left to claim to be the guardian of human rights, especially in the Muslim world.
    The link to the story about the August gas attacks:

    • Abby

      Glad to see that others, feel like a lot of us do. We no longer can accept the word of institutions be it the armed services, government, pharmaceutical companies, schools, police, churches etc.

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