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December 20, 2013

Reading the Jamie Dimon Holiday Card: Let the Wild Rumpus Re-Start

Dimon wide 1

In comparison to last year’s card

Dimon 2

involving arms crossed over chests,

Dimon 1

hear no evil,
Dimon 3

see no evil,

Dimon 5

and focus on rough play….

Dimon 1 wide a

After settling all civil and criminal charges with the Justice Department last month for $13 billion,

Dimon 6

it’s back to fun and games,Dimon 7

big balls,
playing where you’re really not supposed to…Dimon 8

and trying to defy gravity.

Full size images and backstory at Quartz.

  • Cactus

    A bit of pathological narcissism. Or: “How to brilliantly give the finger to the American people.”

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