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November 2, 2013

LAX Shooting: James Franco Is Safe

The biggest news in visual culture yesterday involved the impact of the shooting at LAX on James Franco’s day. As Mr. Franco reported: “At #lax Some s** tbag shot up the place.” Thankfully, Mr. Franco is safe, however — as his Instagram post (and 25,450 likes so far) attest. You can see how the concern in this block of comments expresses about equal concern for the cultural figure as for the victims and society:

josierodri1You’re the bomb diggity bomb!

nayadlI’m glad you are ok love you bebe


piedpipersNot cool. #peace #rip

_hannahnawazWhat happened!?!?!?

msnataliefrancoOmg! How sad, airports aren’t safe

msnataliefrancoThank god you’re okay rip to the victim of the horrible shooting

nagatha5So sad. God bless the victims and their families.


giorgina2712love ya james

cindycri61I’m glad ur ok babe muah


courtneybxoGlad you’re okay

jocce_floresYou are so gorgeous @jamesfrancotv

shelita101the violence will never stop



diosmary09I love you so much Mr Franco  @jamesfrancotv


These breakdowns in social order, however, can’t be taken lightly and often have ongoing effects. I’m looking forward to more updates on Saturday, with pictures, from @jamesfrancotv. I wish I could tell you what the hat says.

(Note: emoticons omitted as Wordpress wouldn’t publish them.)


  • Ian

    luv you bb

  • Geniusunleashed

    Hat type is mirrored. Bottom says est. 2009? Or something like that.

  • James Defranco

    now there’s a man who lives a life of danger. every one he meets remains a stranger. Secret agent actor-man. Jimmy de Frankfurter-o.

  • bks3bks

    I have no idea who James Franco is, nor do I care. #LAX proved that eye-witnesses are not trustworthy, Twitter is a joke as a news source, and journalists on Twitter are a menace to society.

  •!/tomkelley Tom

    Jimmy Kimmel Live

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