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October 17, 2013

Cruz, Palin and The Clown Show — Courtesy of Photographer Mark Peterson

Cruz1 Mark Peterson Instagram

Cruz2 Mark Peterson Instgram

While the visual media has played it mostly straight over the past sixteen days, recording the comings and goings of GOP lawmakers like the rituals of Capitol Hill still made sense, photographer Mark Peterson has felt no such constraint. Using Instagram as his method of dissemination, only the fizzling end to the insurrection has allowed reality to caught up to Mark’s imagery. According to his note:

Looking for events around the political cliff, I started (photographing) on Sept 10th at a event at the Capitol that was called “Exempt Obamacare”. It was staged by the Tea Party with speakers Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. I really played with the images making them animated and black-and-white to call attention to the political theatre taking place.

A low budget noir epic or a revival meeting on acid? David Lynch directs GOP ‘16, perhaps? The images have a garishness and a perversity that’s almost Sci-Fi. At the same time, there is an antiquated quality here, reflecting the movies of the silent era when body language — and hysteria — counted for so much more.

Because the public doesn’t quite have a fix on Cruz, by the way, Peterson’s postulations are especially interesting. It seems Mark casts him as a cross between Jerry Falwell and Chicken Little.

SPalin Mark Peterson Instgram

Two thoughts: Sarah Palin’s is such a mouth. And the shutdown was so bizarre, it actually normalized the brief re-emergence of Governor Kryptonite over a couple of days.

Paul Mark Peterson Instgram

The Undertaker?

Parody aside, however, Paul could probably use a more granular going over.

Mark Peterson millionvetmarc

Finally, perhaps the lowest episode of the low involved the far right’s exploitation of veterans at the WWII Memorial. That one of them could have been the shutdown’s poster child,  carrying a flag and a smirk, is shameful for all of us.

Let’s just say, Peterson understood the picture from the beginning.

Visit Mark’s website here and follow his Instagram feed @markpetersonpixs.

  • bks3bks

    Can’t recall who said it first, but the amazing thing is that Ted Cruz has made Rand Paul look mainstream.


  • Apple

    These photos are stunning ..and revealing. Reminds me of the film “A Face in the Crowd” with Andy Griffith’s in his remarkable role as conman Lonesome Rhodes.

    • Paul J.

      That second Cruz pic is highly reminiscient of Joe McCarthy.

  • aSouthernMan

    ok – this is pure liberal bias. How abut Reid, Pelosi, Obama remarks
    and actions – nothing, nada – you got your 501-3c org here and
    you are going to displace anyone who has the sense to know the

    Gov has been out of money since May – the accounting tricks used to
    ‘maintain’ the US debt at the same number for last 3 months – and you

    yet you laugh at what Cruz – a renowned Constitutional expert -who ALSO
    went to Harvard ( he earned it unlike Obama), plus he has presented
    and Won several Supreme court cases. But you wont listen to words,
    that your country is broke, and getting worse, that Obama defies
    Constitional powers, and you applaud, that you marvel in pics like a kid
    watching a 1950’s good-guy bad guy movie. Sad. The problem is, Cruz
    was telling you the truth – he even stated prior to shutdown all they wanted
    was a normal 60+plus Senate vote , win or lose the Reps would respect that
    - but Reid changed that DOWN to 51+ . And you call that fine, no mention,
    no comment on that – just OK – and Bagnews does not get attacked by the IRS.
    What if Bush had done that to Bagnews? Very different words and pics, for sure.

    • Michael Shaw

      Oh, I think we’ve been been pretty fair about spreading around the hyperbole – 1, 2, 3, 4. The Reid/Pelosi list is a lot longer.

    • bks3bks

      Cruz is now, like fellow Texan Rick “Oops!” Perry, an object of ridicule. There is no escape from that. He will be wearing the red rubber nose and the floppy shoes for as long as he cares to act out.

    • Nora Carrington

      It is not *normal* for the Senate to require 60 votes to pass legislation. Regular order in the Senate for 220 years has been 50+1. Sometimes that 1 is the VP. It’s only very very recently that the Republicans have invoked the threat of filibuster to Every. Single. Thing.

    • Sko Hayes

      Cruz, a “renowned Constitutional expert”? Then why didn’t he know that the Constitution says the way to pass laws is passing them in the House, then in the Senate and then the president signs the bill and it becomes law?
      You don’t shove your ideology down the throats of Americans by blackmail.
      That’s not in the Constitution.

    • glennisw

      Cruz – a renowned Constitutional expert -who ALSO went to Harvard ( he earned it unlike Obama),

      aSouthernMan seems to be no more able to grasp spelling, grammar and logic than Mr. Cruz can comprehend the point of “Green Eggs and Ham.”

    • labradog

      Racist pig.

  • LanceThruster

    “Homina, Homina, Homina” …

    • jimculleny

      Homina grits, Homina grits, Homina grits … them Cruzes and Palin just love old southern chow.

  • grafix9000

    Ted Cruz, missing love child of Pat Buchanan?

  • Sko Hayes

    The pictures remind me of the old carnivals that used to set up on the edge of town for a few days and disappear without a trace. Cruz looks just like a barker used to lure people into the tents and take their money

  • Harry R. Sohl

    Oh, how I miss Sarah’s Bump-It! Those were such good times, I miss them… “Like a herpes outbreak.”

  • Christopher Borkowski

    Jesus H. Christ. My eyeballs are scorched. I wish I could un-see this.

  • glennisw

    That photo of Palin will give me nightmares.

  • glennisw

    The top two photos of Ted Cruz remind me of the classic Greek masks of tragedy.

  • bowtiejack

    Love the one of the Half-Term Half-Wit.

    • Harry R. Sohl

      Half-assed, half-baked Alaskan.

  • aSouthernMan

    07 Nov 2013 – We now see that Ted Cruz was exactly on target.
    The President has been now proven to have LIED about ACA to America,
    and more people are being kicked out of their existing Health Insurance plans
    than the plagued Obamacare debacle has. Just like the Bagnews site and comments
    ridiculed any negative concerns about Hillary’s role and statements in Banghazi, the WH role in the IRS intimidation of Obama political opponents, and now the direct LIE by
    a US president to America ( this leaves Bush Sr “No new taxes” Far behind).
    Now Obama and the Dems are the party of RENOWN for their talented ability to LIE.

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  • aSouthernMan

    I visited each of the four past Bagnotes pic stories, and

    pics were – as always – were interesting of course. But not
    one was demeaning or describing the person as a clown,
    or mocking – the closest I saw to that was #4, which was a
    caricature of Pres Obama trying to get his head around the
    beginning of the job of being President – and it’s a tough job
    to be sure. But it was not racist, it was not calling him a clown,
    and it did not make people like labradog stop taking meth long
    enough to post racist comments. I get it -your view is those 4
    examples of semi-parody is same as this focused parade of
    derogatory pics – but it is not. And this comment does not mean
    I support a shutdown – just that I listened to what the man said,
    and it was not about Green Eggs and Ham at all.

  • aSouthernMan

    Glennis, he read that during his 21hr stint to explain the upcoming
    vote, at the time his kids were going to bed. There is long history
    of Politicians reading from Phone Books, etc during these Multi-hour
    stands. The primary message he was stated over and over and over again – which remained un-reported by NBC,CBS,CNN,ABC the next morning,was that if his fellow Republicans voted for Cloture, that would
    make it optional for Sen Reid to change the normal Req-60 votes to
    pass the Dem-version down to only 51+, which is exactly what happened. I’m not arguing Obamacare here – just that Cruz was
    predicting Sen Reid would do this to win that vote – and if his (TC) fellow Republicans voted for cloture, they would be would be essentially voting “For” Obamacare (even though they would tell their constituents later they were “Against” Obamacare – but got outvoted). Cruz also went on to say -multiple times – that this type of Bill is tradtionally voted on as a 60-req-to-pass vote – Not a 51+. And that IF that Bill were voted on as the 60-norm, win or lose that 60vote would be accepted
    – i.e if the Reps lost, that was the end of it. BUT, as Maj-leader, Reid could (and did) change it. This was also not so well reported. Next

    day, the 4 Networks reported on GreenEggs, and the ‘bizarre’ fact
    that Cruz voted “FOR” the very thing he was against. To the Mass TV
    audience, that was heard and accepted as fact. What Cruz actually voted ‘For’ was to open the debate on the Bill – that vote was 100-0,
    which he also predicted about 30-plus times. I know you politically
    disagree – but goto C-Span and watch just 30mins of that 21hrs
    and you will see I am not trying to change your belief in Obamacare

    - just that Cruz was against the ACA – and that strategy was based on fellow Reps to come together in the same way Dems had when ACA was enacted w/o a single Rep vote for it . That was his logic. He was wrong about his fellow Republicans, for sure. But now they cant say they were against it and get re-elected on that premise. Dems won.

  • aSouthernMan

    Because, he actually has read, and understands that the Constitution
    was designed to have debate. A Law does not become law before
    debate – per your point – what not just have King? The guys that wrote
    the paper can answer that for you. The Founders purposefully dispersed power so we don’t get a Putin, or a dictator, or a King. Instead we get a
    Democratic Republic. You can have your political belief, but are you saying you want to change the Constitution ? Or would you prefer that
    simple ‘way to pass laws’ when a person like W is President ?

  • Michael Shaw

    Well, you’re right on a number of levels. “In the old days,” given our roots in the political blogosphere, Bag was more unselfconsciously liberal. Over the past couple years though, our orientation has shifted. That’s not that we haven’t had an agenda, but the bias has been oriented to the critique of (visual) power, be it media power, corporate power, corporate media power, political power or political social media power. In the case of Peterson’s work and the shutdown, I accept that our old colors have shown through. That’s less in terms of the visual narrative, though, than the nature and tone of the text. At the same time, I think it’s fair to argue that the degree of mania and reactionary zeal justifies the old reflex.

  • aSouthernMan

    From the Senate. gov website. Argue with them:
    “cloture – The only procedure by which the Senate can vote
    to place a time limit on consideration of a bill or other matter,
    and thereby overcome a filibuster. Under the cloture rule
    (Rule XXII), the Senate may limit consideration of a pending
    matter to 30 additional hours, but only by vote of three-fifths
    of the full Senate, normally 60 votes.” <=== Yes, IT IS *normal*.
    What Sen Reid did was NOT normal, but legal. The Ntwks did
    not choose to expound on this to the public, though – so you
    believe it MUST be Normal. Again – your view on Obamacare
    is yours to won – but Ted Cruz simply understood that if Reps

    allowed Reid to change it – they were voting for Obamacare.
    Reps did not do this, and Dems won.

  • Nora Carrington

    “cloture – The only procedure by which the Senate can vote
    to place a time limit on consideration of a bill or other matter,
    and thereby overcome a filibuster.” AND THEREBY OVERCOME A FILIBUSTER. I made that part bigger so you could see it this time. 60 is required to get past a filibuster or the threat of a filibuster (and the fact the Dems haven’t made the Republicans stand on their hind legs and actually do it every time they’ve threatened it was a huge mistake, imo.)

    It is not normal order for every bill to need a cloture vote because it’s not normal order for every bill to need to OVERCOME A [THREATENED] FILIBUSTER.

    Republicans changed the norms of the Senate because they could beat 60, but they couldn’t beat 51. Ok fine. All’s fair in love and politics. So if Reid managed to play the game better than your rigged version of it, sour grapes to you.

  • Sko Hayes

    The Constitution does not allow a House majority to repeal a law of the land ( and upheld by the Supreme Court) by defunding it.

  • aSouthernMan

    Nora – Ted didn’t Filibuster. He did however force the Reps that claimed to be against ACA to show themselves, instead of letting
    them lie to the very voters that sent them there to stop ACA.
    Sen Reid knew there were 14 Dem Senators that would also vote against ACA (There were only 46 Rep Senators). But you inserted a [threatened] word before Filibuster into the Normal definition. That does NOT make it Normal.
    Yes – Sen Reid played the game using his Maj-Ldr power ,
    FORCING it to an imposed 51+ vote – which was exactly the point Sen Cruz made in his 21hr speech – (which again – was NOT a Filibuster). And Reid won. But Sen Cruz also did nothing wrong – after all – the Dem Senate has shot down every Rep offering on Healthcare for years – no negotiation, nothing. That being the history, and knowing that ACA was forced through Congress w/o any input from Rep side – this was the only way to have a chance to stop it. That is what he said over and over in his 21hr speech.
    Your point illuminates the fact that Sen Reid knew a number of
    Dem Senators would likely cross the line – so he stopped it all.
    Don’t you see the irony when the News showed Dem Senators on TV wailing “Let them Vote !” to the House ? Yet they had just
    blocked the Normal vote in the Senate – to force THEIR way.
    I’m not happy with Obamacare, No. But you seem to justify
    actions by Dems, and vilify Reps. You added the term “threatened’ – so why not do that for every vote? Why not make it against the law to Filibuster at all ? Why not just have a King and be done with it -Then we would not even to Vote at all.

  • aSouthernMan

    Thx for the reply, Mike. No probs with Zeal – it’s an American trait.

  • aSouthernMan

    The House controls the purse, by Constitution. It certainly does
    have the right to debate with the Senate on a Bill. Recall the House offered a Bill to Defer ACA for a year – which was discarded by the Senate. But you think it was OK for the President to
    Defer – at will – major components of the Law of the Land??
    That is not logical – it is Biased. I think it is possibly illegal. What is your definition of when a Law is to be completely followed or not?
    Read the 2000 pages of ACA, and pick your favorites ?

  • Sko Hayes

    This bill had already been debated, and passed. The House’s time to debate the bill was gone.
    As for tweaking the bill? Congress has it’s chance to do that too, and instead they focused on repealing it.
    It was perfectly legal for the president to give extra time to businesses (at their request) to come into compliance and to think this is the first time that’s ever happened simply ignores history.

  • aSouthernMan

    Debated. Sure, it was debated . And regardless of outcome Dems ran the debate like N.Korea would, just w/o the guns.
    And that infamous word ‘tweak’. Like it was just a small insignificant change. Nine tweaks later, it looks to me there is no Law , just whatever Obama wants to do. Whenever he wants to do it. That is not a tweak, that is BS.

  • Sko Hayes

    That’s why there were 57 Republican amendments added to the ACA before it was passed, right?
    Because they didn’t have a chance to debate?

  • glennisw

    No, Ted didn’t filibuster. It wasn’t a filibuster at all, it was a stunt.

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