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August 23, 2013

White House & Puppies + Twitter & Instagram = Media Fetching & Rolling Over

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  • Marie

    Let’s talk about that ridiculous sentence on top of torture. Let’s talk about the administration’s desire to stomp any whistle blower into the ground. Let’s talk about the NSA’s ability to monitor any and all chatter.
    Oh, hey, look at the puppy! Awwww, puppy.

    • jonst

      I’ll talk about the puppy….the surveillance cameras and audio recorders in the puppy crate..

  • bystander

    *Some* of the media are fetching and tolling over, even as they might not perform that maneuver up to UDX standards…CDX being good enough.

    Ana Marie Cox @anamariecox 19 Aug
    Other people can break stories about massive domestic spying. I have the puppy beat. MY HOT BOYFRIEND IS SAFE.

    I really don’t thin much of “tire swing” Ana Marie Cox, but she gets props for that tweet.

  • Marie

    Sorry, forgot my sarcasm tag.

  • jonst

    I see I needed one…..whew, it is getting bad out there.

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