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June 6, 2013

The Gorgeous TIME Ai WeiWei China Cover

Ai weiwei TIME China cover

1. Someone’s come a long way from detention.

2. Apparently, political illustration is not completely dead.   (…I just wonder how it stacks up on Pinterest.)

3. And talking pattern recognition, do you think Ai WeiWei saw this one?

4. Such an elegant image, of China as a loom and also looming. (Also in the mix: a China-shaped mushroom cloud or a spider’s web. I’m sure you have more.) But doesn’t this artful expression represent, more than anything, how much the U.S. relationship with China is crying out for real craft and imagination, and that the perception of China (or nearly any other country), on the part of the American public, is woefully lacking in creativity?

  • black_dog_barking

    I’m seeing the mass-produced print media from America of the turn of the 20th century, the birthing and booming electric- and internal combustion-fueled social revolution and transformation. Monochromes dictated by available technology and the economies of scale — as stark as the underlying changes exploding across society.

    Is there a subliminal image underneath the red bomb burst? What are those light charcoal lines doing?

  • bill

    did you miss the Louis Vuitton logo reference he’s making?

    • Karen D.

      Ai Weiwei pays homage.

  • Celeste

    Let a hundred flowers bloom — I see a callout to the open expression movement early in the Mao era. I see the flowers blooming from a pinpoint and sent out to where the rest of the world can see that creativity and free expression do arise in China, even if they have a hard time spreading (or even staying out of jail) there.

  • Helen

    I see a traditional Chinese papercut (Jianzhi) combined with a scary propaganda poster.

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