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June 22, 2013

Singapore: Eco Apocalypse Pics of the Week

These are two of this week’s newswire photos from Singapore depicting the intense air pollution from the Indonesian forest fires. They seem to editorialize, too, on the “haves” doing their usual “while Rome burns.” The second photo, in particular, is cleverly apocalyptic, portending all of us going over the edge.

(The photos also reminded me of this.) I’m wondering how you read these, though, and if you think I’m going overboard.

(photo 1: Joseph Nair/AP via Denver Post “Singapore Haze” slideshow. caption: Tourists in masks and sunglasses take a picture at Singapore’s Merlion as air pollution returned to ‘unhealthy’ levels from the ‘hazardous’ levels of a few hours earlier Friday, June 21, 2013. Air pollution in Singapore has soared to record heights for a third consecutive day, as Indonesia prepared planes and helicopters to battle raging fires blamed for hazardous levels of smoky haze in three countries. photo 2: Edgar Su—Reuters. caption: June 17, 2013. A hotel guest rests in the pool of the Marina Bay Sands Skypark in front of the hazy skyline of Singapore.)

  • bks3bks

    Unrestrained capitalism is unhealthy for children and other living things. Good pix to accompany Matt Taibbi’s latest expose of the financial ratings organizations:


  • jorge posada

    down with capitalism. join the politburo. oh wait …
    farking hypocites.

    • jonst

      bks3bks, if that is who you are generally addressing, or whomever you are addressing, for that matter, is not saying anything about “capitalism”. He mentions “UNRESTRAINED capitalism”. There is a huge difference in that qualification…in fact, perhaps a enough of a difference to destroy, basically, the earth.

      Personally, from a marketing perspective, I like the term ‘jihadist capitalism’. ..The term risks offending someone, but what does not, these days? But I like the way it could fit into the marketing receptors of Americans.. I think they would conjure up the right image with that term.

  • Scarabus

    That second one is like a snapshot from one of my recurring nightmares, which involve hugely destructive tidal waves.

    • black_dog_barking

      Then you should love’s coverage of the flooding in Iowa, 2008 (if you’ve not already seen it). I found this image especially evocative. I’d never imagined rushing water covering corn fields. Eerie effect.

  • DKLL52

    so how can the progressives blame America for this… I am sure they will… or bush? time to quit blaming Americans for everything wrong in the world and point out more abuse of the countries who are polluting the world like is 1969

  • Scarabus

    Or Zombie Capitalism.

  • Scarabus

    Thanks! (I think…) I remember seeing photos of the Arno flood that stunned Florence in 1966. Wasn’t until my wife and I visited years later that I really got a clue, though. In the lobby of our hotel on the bank of the river there was a mark on the wall in the lobby to show how high the water had risen. I’m six feet tall, and it was still beyond my reach. I’ve read that flood came so fast most people didn’t even realize what was about to strike them. River floods like that must resemble “channeled tidal waves.” Oy! Now I’ve got more scary things for my nightmares.

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