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May 3, 2013

Your Turn: World Trade Center Relaunch

World Trade spire Getty



WTC spire 3


WTC spire 5 AP

Given the history, I was attracted to a number of different versions of the Trade Center spire being hoisted to the top of the new building. (I’m not sure about you but I did have some creepy association, too, number four with the airplane; number two I thought of jumpers.) Overall though, more than phallic  (#2 also feels religious), I get a NASA vibe. Given the centrality of the building to the American psyche, might that look of a vehicle carry echoes of the space program and its glory? Beyond the Challenger, of course.

How do you see these?

(photo 1: Getty Images photo 2: Seth Wenig/AP caption: The top piece of the 408-foot spire for One World Trade Center is lifted to the top of the building in New York, Thursday, May 2, 2013. A crane has hoisted a U.S. flag covered spire to the top of New York’s One World Trade Center, under construction at the site of the Sept. 11 attacks. photo 3: EPA. photo 4: EPA  photo 5: Lucas Jackson/Reuters caption: Iron workers photograph a crane lifting the final piece of a spire to the top of One World Trade Center in New York, May 2, 2013. The piece will be attached at a later date. photo 6: AP.)

  • bresson2

    1) Yes, phallic – New Empire State Building vibe
    2) Yes, “religious” – though more Crystal Cathedral than National Cathedral
    3) Yes, NASA – but gleaming with opaque steel and glass, and in the heart of the Wall Street district, – so, like NASA, but privatized.

    Hey, it’s like a monument to those ballsy capitalists who want to privatize space! Let’s worship them!!

  • bks3bks

    Shouldn’t there be two spires?


  • Dave McLane

    World Trade Center in what?

  • Scarabus

    These days the sign that a country/economy has claimed a place of pride in the world is for it to unveil the tallest “erection” of all. From that perspective it’s worth noting that this building can claim only that it will be the tallest outside the Middle East. Yeah. Not deliberate symbolism, I’m sure, but it will definitely be seen as an emblem.

    The raising of the spire reminds me of the Chrysler/Empire State competition. The Chrysler team built a spire in secret, inside the structure, then raised and secured it in just one day. The Empire coalition then designed an even taller spire, laughably billed as a mooring mast for dirigibles.

    I’m also reminded of the sequence near the beginning of La Dolce Vita where a helicopter flies over the city of Rome dangling a statue of Christ.

  • opalesce

    Shot #5 with the two phones aloft reminds me of people praying to an ascendant christ on a cross.

  • McQuiggle

    I find this phoenix-mythic erection ballet with this gothic missile rising from the ashes of the free trade totem of an ealier epoch, evokes the final act of Beneath the Planet of the Apes, the scene where the cult congregation unmasks itself in fusion with the bomb diety.

    The last image evokes a kind of unification of the earlier twin symbol into a monolithic singularity, is the shadow conquered, or has it merely been wrestled into silence?

  • r3mix

    At least Freedom Fries had an expiry date.

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