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May 17, 2013

Your Turn: Michael Liberace


Known for playing some variant of the straight, ruthless, corporate Gordon Gecko type, its clearly got punch. But is there any more to it than that?

(photo: Martin Schoeller)

  • Mona

    The face of Janus

    • Scarabus


  • Scarabus

    Just an observation, amplifying what Mona [sic!] says, his smile seems to turn up on the right side of his face (his right) and down on the left.

    Context or “caption.” Text says, “Michael Douglas Is [capital "I"] Liberace.” Might be just publicity B.S., referring to what a great job of acting he produces. Might be an assertion or innuendo about Michael Douglas himself. You know, what’s that law in math? Commutation? If X = Y, then Y = X?

    Method acting. The actor “becomes” the character, or at least finds some commonality do draw on.

    And then there’s the next teaser: Hayden Panettiere Is Not Taylor Swift.” I’m at a disadvantage here, because, while I’ve heard of her, I don’t really know who Swift is or what she does. Well, OK. I do know she’s a woman. Does the article itself provide an illustration to compare/contrast with this one?

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