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May 28, 2013

Team Zimmerman's Trayvon Photos: Pictured from a Cell

Trayvon was never that into the hoodie in the first place.

Trayvon cell pics 2.jpg
All about new ideas for stimulating state tax revenue

Trayvon cell pics 3.jpg
Enthused with the NRA.

Trayvon cell pics 5.jpg
Anticipated sequester early. New communication strategies for Air Traffic Control.

Trayvon cell pics 6.jpg.png
Never really worried about being mistaken for a target.

Trayvon cell pics 4.jpg
Can’t we all just get along?

Besides a crass attempt to taint the jury pool, these photos from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone released by George Zimmerman’s lawyers turn out to be extraordinarily prejudicial … to Zimmerman. More than anything, what his team broadcasts with the photos is that it wasn’t a kid Zimmerman was paranoid over that night. It was all the racial stereotypes. …Unless they like our explanations better.

(photos: George Zimmerman Defense)

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