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May 17, 2013

More Radiance from AP’s Charles Dharapak: It’s Not Easy Being Obama

How talented is AP’s Charles Dharapak? Talented enough to turn the threat of rain during a Rose Garden presser with the Turkish President into a portrait of dismay, the second-term President still braving D.C.’s political elements in a battle for relevance. How exactly the nervous glance from the Marine breaking role, or Obama guiding his elbow informs the picture I leave to you.

Anyway, those were the days (1, 2).


And it keeps getting better: The Daily Caller Accuses Obama Of Breaching ‘Marine Umbrella Protocol’

(photo: Charles Dharapak/AP caption: President Barack Obama looks to see if it is still raining as a Marine holds an umbrella for him during his joint news conference with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, not pictured, Thursday, May 16, 2013, in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington.)

  • Susan

    Awesome photo!

  • black_dog_barking

    Here’s a guy who’s had shit raining down on him nonstop going on five years now and as he peeks up there’s more on the way. The subtle adjustment of the position of the umbrella, the soft touch of his hand — that’s this guy over and over. Good qualities for a leader.

    • jonst

      “Here’s a guy who’s had shit raining down on him nonstop going on five years now”….you’re breakin my heart, man. Breaking my heart…..

      He is a good leader alright…if you want to ensure the same neoliberal, middle class destroying leaders we’ve had since Carter.

    • aSouthernMan

      There are real national concerns about whether he is leading or not,
      i.e. whether that soft touch extended to Benghazi, AP, and IRS issues.
      Delivering emails that begin 67 hours after the Benghazi attack is a sham.
      ‘Firing’ the IRS head who is actually retiring in 30 days is a sham.
      Gerald Hicks (Democrat) made a late-night call and got the soft hand, too.
      When both the previous IRS head (Bush appointee) and current IRS head lose their retirement / face prosecution – then I will believe it. But all I see
      cuurently is a nice momentary picture of a President.

  • bks3bks

    Too bad he didn’t use his first term more productively. Jimmy Carter was right: we should switch to one six-year term for POTUS so that re-election is not part of the calculus.


    • aSouthernMan

      I have worked with Jimmy, personally. Great man, honest and
      well-intentioned. But his Presidential effect was not so great.
      A six year term ? No – It’s good they ‘fess up to voters again.
      The Founders knew more about living under Tyranny than
      any of us do today, it was not just an efficiency mindset for them.

  • bystander

    Poor Marine. Likely the only thing he is allowed to move, in these circumstances, are his eyes. And, it looks to me like his eyes are asking, What the hell is this person going to do next? And, what’s in the manual for responding to it? Had to enlarge the photo to get your reference to nervous glance.

    Personally… I see… Talk about mugging for the camera. Dunno whether to credit Dharapak for an inspired photo, or whether Dharapak was merely playing his assigned role at this gig. Wish I could participate in the empathy (?) for what this photo portrays, but images of Obama tryin’ to be a human bean (or the saccharine of the family photo ops) just make me gag,

    Guess I’m just one of those citizens who has lost faith in our institutions, and who finds the whole notion of “good government” or “government by the people” risible. Obama has a whole lotta shit landing in his lap right now, and I’m at the point where I can honestly say I’m not feeling his pain – at all. An umbrella isn’t going to come anywhere close to protecting him from the political weather.

  • black_dog_barking

    Due respect … when BHO took office there was the political equivalent of Katrina land fall blowing across the land. America’s automotive industry was teetering on collapse and that was probably not the biggest immediate problem. Stop and think about that for a moment — the automobile has *defined* America for a century — *we* are our *cars*, and in Dec 2008 it looked like the entire industry might just close shop and go away.

    Five years later, whatever else you see out your social and political window, we’re here and doing better. So mend your broken heart and go out and help fix our broken future. If that means driving a stake into the evil heart of neoliberalism by all means let’s get on with it.

    And be careful: know who is helping and who is not.

  • jonst

    he’s Mr Wonderful, compared to Bush. If that is your standard, fine. Except on National Security Policy where he is Bush Lite…but again, if that is your standard, fine.

  • aSouthernMan

    BHO only helped the Car-unions – he did not help America.
    In fact he broke the law doing it by FORCING stockholders
    in GM/Chrysler to give up their preferred stock rights.

    Note this began with the Financial act of 1999 that allowed
    Big Banks to dabble in the Stock market with customer funds. Then Bush invented Homeland Security. And BHO signed the the Patiot-Act order that for the 1ST time in US history, our government can hold a citizen without due process, as long
    as they want.. BHO signed off on that – no Bush – just him.

    You wanted the BHO Brown Shirt dream – you got it.
    Be careful – know who is helping, and who is not.

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