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May 31, 2013

Israel: Cue the Gas



With politics and tension in the Middle East growing hotter…

the latest example of how fashion and news photography have cross pollinated.This shot from Israel of preparation drills look like the latest hi-concept runway show. …On the other hand, maybe what really sells a news photo these days is the sense one is looking at a movie still.

(photo: Ariel Schalit/AP caption: Israeli soldiers of the Home Front Command rescue unit wear protective gear during a drill in Azur, near Tel Aviv, Israel, Tuesday, May 28, 2013. Israel has launched a national civil defense drill, which the army said this year will focus on the threat of unconventional weapons at a time of growing regional tensions. photo 2:Sebastian Scheiner/AP caption: Israel has launched a national civil defence drill, which the army said this year would focus on the threat of unconventional weapons at a time of growing regional tension.)


  • black_dog_barking

    Hollywood has nearly a century of development and practice in making things look important, framing the shot so the heroes look heroic. This promotion involves a combination of crass business interests and a tapping of some deep rumblings in the depths of our psyches. We’ve reached a point where these frames and perspectives have been internalized by enough of us that they may as well be reality — ‘cuz it’s what we think we see when we peer out into the world.

  • Scarabus

    First, we really are seeing a single frame from a movie when we look at a still photo. Something happened before; something happened after; there were causal relationships right along; and some kind of story was probably involved.

    Following up on what bdb said, I was watching a promo for a movie or TV show the other night. I was watching carefully to see if I could distinguish what was real and what was CGI. Suddenly I thought to myself, “none of this is “real,” Bozo! It’s a digital representation of a fictitious event from a fictitious story combining a staged stunt merging with a CGI special effect.”

  • Cactus

    “All the pretty women . .

    It looks like the politics
    of fear is not limited to the U.S. Pretty women in peril, therefore all women
    beware! Scary anonymous men in scary futuristic suits are coming for you! Be
    afraid, be very afraid.

    Scarabus makes a good
    point: none of this is real. The scandals fox & co. scream about 24/7 turn
    out to be not all there. Were they real? Do we still have to worry about them
    or should we worry about the new one? It never ends.

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