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April 5, 2013

Your Turn: Hispanic Values

MarineOfficer billboard

I was driving home the other day and passed one of these. A bit of a far cry from: “looking for a few good men,” wouldn’t you say?

Marines Hispanic Values billboard

How do you read this?

Credit + Editorial (Ottawa Herald). website.

  • Nemo

    Weird. Celebrating 1% values? Celebrating Jewish values? Celebrating black values? They would not have used those tag lines. Why target Hispanics? The new Hessians? But the Navy in its latest series of ads is pushing itself as a ‘global force for good’.

  • black_dog_barking

    Military service, the bean fields of the 21st century? Or worse, Hispanic values are different than the American values that Marines are commissioned to defend with deadly force? Rudderless is what strikes me, casting about for a cover story. The product they’re selling is very different from the package they’re projecting.

    “They” are us. “Their” actions are for the benefit and with the authority of all of us. So, more accurately, the product we are selling is very different from the package we are projecting.

  • Socalbob

    First off, “Hispanic” is a made up term not generally used by the people it describes. That said, the billboard attributes shared cultural characteristics to them, characteristics the Marines believe parallel their own. So if you understand where the copywriters come from, they are supportive of the “good parts” of “Hispanic culture,” so that’s a good thing.

    Still, an ad that supports immigrants who become Marines would be more direct, and admirable.

  • marcsobel

    The Marines have the same problem that the Republicans have; not enough angry white men.

  • bks3bks

    Would have been better with this picture photoshopped in:


  • Marie

    This reads like a half-baked slogan trying to pull at heart strings and failing due to its overly generic tone. No specifics. How do “Hispanic” values differ from the others in the surrounding community?

    It’s not even a slogan, really, but an ad brief in search of … everything else you would need for aneffective ad. Let’s see: you have an image of your product, a target audience, and a vague hook. Let’s slap them together on a billboard! Attention, target audience: We have a product we’d like to sell you.

    I almost pity the ad designer forced to come up with this dreck, but who approved it? Bad art director, bad. (Gee, I guess this one pushed a lot of buttons, huh?) I can’t think of a target audience that likes being addressed as such. It would have been a stronger ad if they had left the not-quite-slogan out of it.

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  • acm

    I imagine they’re trying to tap a vein of ethnic pride — those things that “Hispanics” might think match up with the Marines include loyalty, toughness, especially honor. (One might continue with a Boyscout-like list including reverence, patriotism, pride, and more.) Definitely the message is “We recognize your deeply rooted values, and share them.” If you’re an insider, you presumably can tell which values are meant (the ad-writers think) and will see that as a message that you can be a proud hyphen-American in the marines.

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  • reallynotagain

    Thats funny, The last years Veterans Day Parade I was at, I sure Didn’t see many of them around watching it….But yet the city is filled with them,!!!Another misleading government add…

  • Oscar Wilde-Cat

    Yeah, how’d that work out with the killer at Fort Hood? Only people who fight for this country are white boys. Never seen a close range Iraq or Afghanistan video of ape shit action where there’s nobody but white boys kicking ass. Yeah, let’s let the weak, the gangbangers, etc., into our military. See how that works out.

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