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April 1, 2013

Google’s Cesar Chavez Easter Doodle

Google's Cesar Chavez doodle

Apparently, Google doesn’t do Jesus.

Still, it’s hard to believe the doodle editors didn’t also have Easter in mind in its March 31st Cesar Chavez birthday commemorative, the way the logo is white, the famous activist is in white, and the fields (Chavez famously identified with grapes, not cotton) are white too. Sure Chavez is Jesus-like — unless you’re reading it as an immigration Easter egg.  To the extent the GOP’s election thumping and subsequent script change effectively resurrected immigration reform, however, Google’s angelic Easter doodle is spot on.

(illustration: Google)

  • black_dog_barking

    From wikipedia:

    Although it is not a federal holiday, President Barack Obama proclaimed March 31 as “Cesar Chavez Day” in the United States, with Americans being urged to “observe this day with appropriate service, community, and educational programs to honor César Chávez’s enduring legacy”.

    From the Fox News link:

    “I thought the Chavez-google thing was a hoax or an early April Fool’s Day prank,” Fox News contributor Dana Perino tweeted. “ … are they just going to leave that up there all day?”

    And so the pretty blonde face of the Bush Administration takes time out from her day of devotion to remind all Americans that the struggles of the non-pretty blonde faces are really just a joke to Fox News, the mouthpiece of the Republican Party. Hard to believe this won’t have consequences as the political demographics of the country evolve.

  • bill

    So now we really know the depth of the faith of the Fox News & GOP Crusaders. Santa doodles on Christmas, good! Bing pastel Easter eggs, good! Honoring the poor with a Christ figure and clear Christian symbolism, BAD!

  • CK

    Can we just agree to stop calling it the “Cesar Chavez Easter Doodle”? Maybe leave out the part about Easter and focus on the part about Cesar Chavez. I can’t help but feel the framing implicit in the title prohibits a wider discussion of the man himself. We are left only with the option to mediate our current political antics.

  • Lois Quick

    In Feb 2013 Cesar Chavez was inducted into the Napa Valley Vintners’ Hall of Fame. The Vintners as a whole are not a liberal group; they grow the grapes and make those extraordinary wines. Part of the Napa Valley Register’s reporting of this induction:

    ‘Napa Valley’s mantra is that all great wine begins in the vineyard and farm workers are the powerhouse that makes these world-class vineyards thrive. For decades, here and across the California wine industry, Cesar Chavez was their acknowledged leader. With his work through the UFW, vintners industry-wide have realized the importance of farmworkers’ contribution to the world of wine.’

    The whole article can be found at

    Mr. Chavez is the first Latino to be recognized by the Vintners’ organization. I marched with him and feel he did great things for farmworkers, for agriculture, and for this country as a whole. Good for Google. And yes, please – no more talk of doodle.

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