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February 12, 2013

The Hattiesburg Tornado and Self-Defense

With constituencies for both gun control and climate legislation each eagerly awaiting tonight’s second term lead-off State of the Union, this unfortunate aftermath photo from the Hattiesburg tornado is quite a mash-up. To the extent guns exist not just for sport but for self-protection, Mother Nature comes off as the much bigger adversary.

(photo: Chuck Cook/Associated Press caption: Charlie Ramp retrieved guns Monday from his home in Hattiesburg, Miss., after a tornado damaged the area Sunday. More than 60 people were treated for injuries across the state and 200 homes and mobile homes were damaged or destroyed, officials said.)

  • jonst

    If you are “eagerly awaiting” anything Obama, or our Body Politic might do, on anything important, I salute you Michael! You are a determined optimist. This system is broke….

  • black_dog_barking

    This fella’s treasure room was reinforced enough to take a direct hit from one of nature’s best hitters. Good engineering. Feels a bit voyeuristic to be looking over his shoulder at a time like this. Scooping up guns is probably a good idea. Need to find another vault for them pronto.

    Is that a “Board of Education” hanging on the wall behind our survivor? That’s a “joke” that hasn’t been funny for a long time.

    • bystander

      re: “Board of Education”

      Or, fraternity initiation paddle?

      Either way… you’re right.

    • Glennis Waterman

      I noticed that too. He keeps his paddle in his safe room with his guns?

    • Charlie Ramp

      Who the hell are you

    • Charlie Ramp

      Actually I am a teacher you nimrod

  • bks3bks

    Everyone talks about the weather, this guy is gonna do something about it.


    • LanceThruster

      I hear a sound like distant thunder.

  • melissaramp

    Sadly, this is one of thousands of blogs I have found that contains a photograph of my husband after he survived a natural disaster. It is amazing that my husband and I still believe in humanity. This photograph does not tell the story of a man who is desperate to save his guns. In fact, if any of you knew Charlie Ramp, this picture would be ironically hilarious. Charlie Ramp is a Special Education teacher (specializing in children with severe and profound disabilities), an animal lover and activist, and believes in the kindness of his fellow man. He doesn’t like to hunt, but chooses not to judge those who hunt. Before the tornado hit his home on Peach Street, he was preparing lesson plans for a brand new week of teaching “his kiddos”. When I arrived at his home (shortly after the tornado destroyed it) I found him walking up and down his street, stepping over power lines, calling out for his dog Levi, not the guns seen in this photo. The guns in this photo belonged to Charlie’s grandfather, who recently passed away. They are never loaded, used to hunt and kill animals, shot in the middle of the night to celebrate, or even seen by anyone who visited his home. They are a beautiful representation of a man he respected and loved deeply, who is no longer with him. Oddly enough, Charlie doesn’t even like guns but treats these firearms with care; because someone he loved cared for them. That is just who he is. So, as the one year anniversary of the Hattiesburg tornado approaches, my husband and I are remembering this event with tears, laughter, love, and acceptance, not bitterness and sarcasm. We hope and pray that others who choose bitterness, sarcasm, and judgement stop trying to prove how enlightened they are, and start loving their fellow man no matter what they perceive his situation to be.
    Melissa Braxton Ramp

  • Michael Shaw

    There also is “a box of Sorry.”

  • Charlie Ramp

    Fuck you

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