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February 3, 2013


Maybe some guy just flipped the wrong switch or tripped over a cable. But “how” didn’t seem to matter. Because when half the lights failed last night at the Super Dome, grinding the Super Bowl to a halt for half-an-hour, Twitter lit up like a Christmas tree about the power grid and infrastructure, about FEMA and Katrina.

If it didn’t last long, the disruption represented a dose of randomness and real-life in the otherwise narcotic effect of the yearly American bacchanal. If the game resumed with announcers papering over the blackout by mining it for adjectives about the “recharged” 49′ers and Beyonce’s “knock out” halftime performance, the effect was unmistakable. The #SuperBowlBlackOut infused last night’s spectacle with a political whiff. If it was barely an eye blink compared to the wallop of Sandy or the horror in this building in ‘05, in literally casting a shadow over the stars-and-stripes and our commercial fun-and-games, it called up the precariousness of energy and infrastructure as we root for these issues to take care of themselves.

(photo: caption: Blackout at Super Bowl 2013

  • black_dog_barking

    A reminder of the 1989 SF Bay World Series except this time human error is in the mix, either by commission (wrong switch, etc) or omission (infrastructure degradation, quality/cost compromise, etc). Now that we’ve opened our social eyes to global climate change, to the consequences of ubiquitous firearms we should also take a long look at the physical underpinnings of our society. After a decade of significant idling of the workforce and the drain of resources to the mideast perhaps we should take some time for ourselves.

    Aside: at Google to check the ‘89 Series as I typed w-o-r-l-d- -s-e Google was ahead of me, suggesting world series, world series 1919, and world series 1989. How in the hell do they do that? Also, the Black Sox will never live it down.

  • bks3bks

    Live TV rules. Podcasts and TIVO are for wusses.


  • George Lowry

    Both Entergy and Oreo get mad props for the way the used Twitter.

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