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February 9, 2013

POY Winners: Terror Comes Home

I don’t know how I missed this. This July 2012 photo, by R.J. Sangosti for the Denver Post, received a Picture of the Year award yesterday. We’re looking at Chantal Blunk, whose husband, Naval officer Jonathan Blunk, wasn’t killed in Kabul or Helmand or Kandahar or Ghazni or Wardak or Khost but in the Dark Knight theater shooting in Aurora.

My question is: with Sandy Hook and literally thousands of shootings on our radar now, was there a clearer message that a “war on terror” had returned home?

(update: quotations added.)

(photo: RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post. caption: Chantel Blunk, wife of Jonathan Blunk, waits Friday on the tarmac at Denver International Airport as her husband’s body is about to be loaded into a plane to fly to Reno, Nev for his full military funeral. Blunk, a five-year U.S. Navy veteran , was killed during a July 20 shooting rampage at a movie theater in Aurora.)

  • black_dog_barking

    Don’t know that this particular war ever went anywhere. Except to the place we store all those things whose existence we choose to deny. Haven’t the number of fire arms deaths in this country remained reasonably stable? Just under 100 a day? I wouldn’t know and can’t be arsed to look it up because that would mean I have to go to that place. Don’t want to.

    This image reminds me of the Pulitzer winning photo series that followed a soldier’s body back to burial. Denver paper, too, iirc. Stunning image of jet plane passengers looking down on the removal of the casket from cargo. Can’t be arsed to look that up either, Saturday is lazy day here …

  • Scarabus

    Ever think about how and why the word “war” is used in the U.S.? War on drugs (not on drug smugglers); war on terror (no persons, just a tactic); war on Christmas (a frigging holiday!); war on women….

    I won’t get started.

    That really is a great news photo. It makes me feel very intrusive and insensitive.

  • Marie

    This is a heartbreaking, amazing image. And I noticed there is half a rainbow arcing over the scene. Usually rainbows signify hope, but here, it’s another subtle layer to this well-captured scene. I keep finding more about the composition to admire. And it packs an emotional punch, too. Well done, Sangosti.

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