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February 12, 2013

Our Take on the Viral Photo “Not Chris Dorner Please Do Not Shoot”

Not Chris Dorner Please Do Not Shoot

The combination of Chris Dorner’s inability to find himself in a predominantly white world, our culture’s hyper-militarism and obsession with violence, the neglect of mental health prevention and treatment (whether for troubled cops or traumatized vets), as well as the ascendence of social media is producing all kinds of opportunities for public commentary (including this one on racial profiling) based on the ongoing tragedy/manhunt in Southern California. Some further thoughts on this viral Instagram photo:

• With the paper under the bicep blocking the word, the visible letters spell out more of the same.

• I’m sorta sorry — this shopper caught in his own visual drive-by — we don’t see him looking us in the eye.

• In part tongue-in-cheek but a more serious swipe at racial profiling (including actual victims), I see a commentary here, also, about American “justice” (and an appeal, dare I say!, to at least try and bring Dorner in alive). This culture has become all-too-easily aligned with eviscerating people, whether by drone strike or robo-cop artillery. More and more, it feels like this is what America has come to, failing people on the front-end, then just rubbing them out quick-and-simple on the back end to save ourselves from having to look in the mirror. I’ll state right now America could grow, perhaps greatly, from a Dorner mass-murder trial.

• Let’s not let this go by as just a racial commentary. You wouldn’t have a picture like this go viral (also wondering if Instagrammer was white) unless American citizens were worried about “the man” and the militarization of our “civil defenders.” In that regard, I look at a photo like this (speaking truth to power through public signs and statements) as a continuation of what drove the Occupy/ “We are the 99%” movement.

(photo via: MichelleFields/Twitter)

  • LanceThruster

    It’s not an unreasonable message considering.
    One of these on his vehicle might be prudent as well –

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  • TEAhouse ofthe flyingbaggers

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  • Cactus

    His facial hair should disqualify him from being
    Dormer, but he probably thinks of himself as black, not bearded. Plus, Dormer’s
    photos make him look so light-skinned that I didn’t realize he was black for
    several days when someone made a comment about racism. But as a t-shirt on a
    black man in the present surroundings, it can be seen as an ironic comment on
    the situation he finds himself in.

    I’m sort of neutral on the LAPD, but they’ve been
    accused of virulent racism since the OJ trial. A lot of the comments on radio
    have been very anti-LAPD. They apparently have the highest rate of recruitment
    from the ex-military. Whom Dormer apparently was. So how much PTSD are we
    dealing with here? I haven’t heard what his release from the military involved,
    nor the truth about his leaving the LAPD. But I don’t believe that a perfectly
    normal person goes berserk all at once and starts killing people. There’s more
    behind this story that we may never know.

    I’m already hearing comparisons of the events of
    yesterday to Waco. One local commentator said he knew how it would end when the
    police announced they were going black. Which apparently means all
    communication will be cut off. He claimed they had brought in one of those
    tank-like armored vehicles and were knocking down walls, but I saw no such
    vehicle on TV — but maybe that was because of ‘going

    I’m afraid I also ‘knew’ how it would end. These guys
    who commit these spree killings (with or without manifesto) often kill
    themselves when cornered rather than be taken in to face justice.

  • Glennis Waterman

    I am actually surprised and somewhat intrigued at the phenomenon of how supportive – or at least, not condemning – members of the public are for Christopher Dorner. I cannot recall another recent incident where a deadly killer who is a fugitive from justice has had even ambivalent support, let alone positive support. Despite his crimes, people in internet comments sites almost admire him. Even those who condemn him tend to say, “I deplore the terrible things he’s done, but……”

    It may have something to do with the dislike folks have for LAPD, but even so, I find this a very out of the norm response. It’s even more unusual because he is a black man.

    The last criminal I can think of who inspired this kind of hero/admiration response is D.B. Cooper.

  • Cactus

    Glennis, I too was surprised at that phenomenon. I
    believe it goes back to the Daryl Gates/Rodney King era. IMHO, Gates was
    despicable. I believe he knew there would be trouble and deliberately absented
    himself from the city. He also ordered police to step back from any enforcement
    of civil order. I watched this happen when that poor truck-driver got beaten up, a line of officers started to protect him but turned around, retreated to their cars and pulled out,
    and ordinary citizens had to step in to save him. Since then there has been
    one scandal after another. Now the LAPD has little respect or trust from the

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