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February 14, 2013

How Much More is Wrong with the SI Swimsuit Issue

There has already been plenty of sharp-eyed commentary around the internets on what went horribly wrong with Sports Illustrated’s world tour swimsuit issue. After reading the incisive analysis at Jezebel, for instance, you would think there was nothing more to add to their breakdown of all the cliches, the stereotyping, the racism, the sexism. …And yet, it’s always surprising how much more there is between the desert and the trees.

For example…

SI swimsuit 2 spears

*********SI Swimsuit 3 pollution

*********Sports Illustrated swimsuit lost


SI Swimsuit 1 ungrateful

  • namvetted68

    The lugs who buy SI aren’t buying it for the soft porn photos of anorexic models or for the exotic locations they are photo(shopped) in. They buy it for the (manly) sports articles.

  • central texas

    But also notice that the black man who is “lost” now has a “white” spear, just like the model’s…

  • Stan B.

    Same as it ever was…

  • Abraham

    This is the dumbest shit I ever seen, ur looking at the top of the spear dumbass that’s why it’s black if u look down u will see , both spears are the same ….leave it to a black person to find so etching racist about everything

  • Guest2

    I’d like to see how many swimsuit issues are sold compared to regular.
    All the lacation and props are noise. Who cares. Just she us the women.

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