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February 14, 2013

Dorner Dark Thirty

The wrinkle here with the San Bernardino Sheriff’s claim that his department “did not intentionally burn down that cabin” is that police voices were heard on Tuesday, in more than one instance, yelling about plans to “burn the motherfucker out.” – from Burning Down a Building With a Fugitive In It: Always Illegal, Sometimes Practical (Gawker)

Pyrotechnic tear gas?

As we discussed the other day in response to the viral “I’m Not Chris Dorner” photo, the suspension of due process, the forsaking of trial by jury, eliminating the distinction between “criminal” and “evil,” and just burning people to a crisp without the opportunity to give up has become standard operating procedure overseas. If there is anything to be gleaned from the photos from Big Bear, with the smoldered foundation and the military vehicles, it’s that the scene could as well be a photo of a drone strike.

And the authorities are surprised by the sympathy for Dorner as extra-judicial killing comes home.

In terms of visual (and moral) dislocation, I thought this one was interesting too. San Bernardino or Afghanistan?

(photo 1: John Valenzuela/The Sun via AP. caption: In this aerial photo, law enforcement authorities investigate the burn-out cabin Wednesday, Feb.13, 2013 where accused quadruple-murder suspect Christopher Dorner was believed to have died after barricading himself inside, during a Tuesday stand-off with police in the Angeles Oaks area of Big Bear, Calif. San Bernardino Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremiah MacKay was killed and another wounded during the shootout with Dorner. photo 2: Will Lester / The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin / Pool. caption: A San Bernardino County Sheriff SWAT team returns to the command post at Bear Mountain near Big Bear Lake, Calif. after searching for Christopher Jordan Dorner on Friday, Feb. 8, 2013.)

  • m577a2

    In my own words: “With the audio of the cops intentionally burning the house down around Dorner available to everyone,
    why do they choose to tell blatant lies and say it wasn’t intentional?
    By doing this they justified everything Dorner did. Why do “good cops”
    let this happen if Dorner wasn’t telling the truth? You cross the blue
    wall of silence and we will murder you with impunity, got the message?
    You stay classy, cops.”

    In another’s words: “You failed to
    follow protocol. You became a vigilante lynch mob. You were out to seek
    vengeance for your fallen officer. What you did was the opposite. You
    became no better than Dorner. 7 burners into that building, I know the
    area, it was deliberate and heard world wide. You now have blood on your
    hands. Coming from a law enforcement family your failure to follow
    protocol will forever tarnish the department. Your fallen officer will
    not be remembered for his loss of life, but what you did in the
    aftermath. You countermanded everything you should have done. Your Chief
    and all lead personnel in this operation need to be removed. You and
    your department are a disgrace to law enforcement. Vigilante justice is
    against the law. You became Dorner.”

  • Gasho

    Immorality and illegal policy and the use of asymetrical force and the machiavellian justification of extrajudicial killing – these are examples of things that don’t go back in the box once they are used unless the offending user is held accountable.

    Once these things are done unchallenged – they set a precedent, if not in the law, then in the mind of the doer and the minds of those who are in the same organization.. and eventually in the minds of all those in similar organizations and finally, in everyone who’s aware of the fact that “that’s just how it’s done”.

    This trickle-down morality needs to be considered, especially by those at the top of power structures. Obama is a constitutional scholar. He knows that extrajudicial killings aren’t allowed by law, but he’s taken a cue from the guy before him. Drones are part of the power of the President now, so he uses them to do the job he’s got to do. It’s much easier and more certain than trying to send in troops to deal with international terrorists (which is nearly impossible). But once it’s done and accepted, there is no way to stop this from crossing borders, happening domestically or trickling down into other levels of the executive branch. The cat is out of the bag.

    This is EXACTLY why I thought the #1 priority of Obama’s first term was to hold GWB accountable for starting a war on false pretenses, wiretapping Americans, torturing in the name of anti-terrorism, committing war crimes by using chemical weapons in Fallujah, etc. etc. etc. It was critical for him to draw a line in the sand and re-establish the rule of law. Instead, it was “not time to look back”. Well.. now we’re going to see where that strategy leads us. We’ll see what it means to let the law slide in favor of the quick and dirty approach. I don’t think we’re going to like it.

  • namvetted68

    So much for the fifth and the fourteenth amendments. Time to rethink what we’ve become.

  • black_dog_barking

    If one were masochistically inclined one could compile and curate a list of the fuck-ups of the Bush Administration. Don’t want to go there but I’m inclined to rank their immediate response to the events of 11/Sept as the biggest fuck-up. Choosing expedience over an established rule of law developed and refined over the course of two centuries of experience as One Nation they asserted the notion that all this constitutional stuff was just window dressing, fluff — that the real work of the real nation was bound by neither law nor tradition.

    And then they used the power of our state to make their assertion real for all of us.

    • SouthernMan

      Unfortunately , the list of many F-ups by the Obama WH are not to be mentioned. Or if they are … it was all due to Bush. Now, for the first time in US history a US citizen can not only be imprisoned without cause – it’s OK to kill them too. And when Russian bombers enter US airspace ( 28-Jun , 04-Jul and most recently hours before the SOTU), not a peep from anyone. Just golf as usual. I fault Bush and Obama … AND Clinton . We need a real leader, badly. And we need real Press to help guide real discussion. Regardless of party, I would rather trust in our leader . Obama is not that person.

  • LanceThruster

    They had to destroy the shooter to save the shooter…or some such thing. This would have been an incredibly simple situation to wait out the person inside. Surrounded. Large police presence (and only one of him – he’s got to sleep sometime). Ability to let crisis negotiator work out a surrender.
    Instead, they opt to make sure Dorner goes out in a blaze.
    Cui bono?

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  • GeorgeMokray

    Somebody doesn’t remember the Symbionese Liberation Army or the MOVE in Philadelphia. Burning the m#therf*cker down has been standard operating procedure for a long, long time.

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