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January 3, 2013

A Few Takes on the "Hillary Leaving the Hospital" Photo

A Few Takes on the Hillary Leaving the Hospital Photo

1. Though hardly anyone talking about it, Dems (so many women, too) watch 2016 possibly pass before their eyes.

2. That marriage remains source of endless fascination. Chelsea the glue.

3. “This is a no” from no smoking sign is ominous. (Always wonder if photographers see elements like this before or after.)

4. Photo a real splash of cold water on the “Hillary is cool” meme. Demonstrates there’s social media and then there’s reality.

5. Bet you anything the Clintons talked the hospital out of the “leave in the wheelchair” policy.

From: Photos: Hillary Clinton leaves hospital (


(photo: Joshua Lott/Reuters caption: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leaves New York Presbyterian Hospital with husband, Bill (TOP R), and daughter, Chelsea (R), in New York, January 2, 2013. The secretary of state, who has not been seen in public since Dec. 7, was revealed on Sunday evening to be in a New York hospital under treatment for a blood clot that stemmed from a concussion she suffered in mid-December.)

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