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January 29, 2013

Pro-Life Demographics

Bag’s looked at Tea Party demographics and Herman Cain demographics. But what about pro-life demographics? Seems whenever I see or hear an anti-abortion spokesperson on a news program, it’s always a woman.

To illustrate our take on this photo, though, we made our first Vine. Check it out here.

(photo: Orlin Wagner/AP. caption: Abortion opponents gather for a rally at the Kansas Statehouse, on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, in Topeka, Kan., Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013. Gov. Sam Brownback has signed a series of tough, anti-abortion measures during his first two years in office. Much to the dismay of abortion-rights advocates, Kansas has been part of a wave in which states with Republican governors and GOP-controlled Legislatures enacted new restrictions on abortion providers.)

  • acm

    Link doesn’t appear to work. No idea what vine is, so I don’t know where to look…

    • BooksAlive

      Worked for me. It’s a spoken commentary on the photo.

  • acm

    still not working today — gives a connection error, or if I force it to open in a new tab, it’s an empty tab. maybe this is supposed to be a download?

    Windows, Firefox, blah blah…

    Update: tried again in Chrome, and it opened some kind of Twitter page with a photo in the middle. no sound, no idea what’s up. sorry.

  • BooksAlive

    Are you clicking on the red X at the megaphone icon to play the sound?

  • acm

    no such thing appeared. I’m sure it was meant to — I get the feeling that the whole image (et al) didn’t reallyappear in the Twitter frame.

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