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January 1, 2013

Fiscal Cliff Dwelling: Capitol Gangnam Style?

Crowley fiscal cliff Rand Paul

This is first in a series of posts on the cliff or fiscal cliff-inspired images captured over the past few days as Congress does it’s 11th-(or 12th-)and-a-half hour dance to either no place, or a piecemeal deal letting the upper brackets off easy while allowing the GOP to, according to the talking point, “now focus strictly on the spending side.”

And who’s eye better to turn to then the NYT’s consistently wry Stephen Crowley who made this photo on New Year’s Eve in the Senate dining room. Even without that pose, Rand Paul on the screen from the Senate chamber would have spoken to the pathetic nature of these last-minute theatrics. What’s vintage Crowley, however, is how much the body language — Capitol Gangnam Style meets Inouye memorial hula? — speaks to the farcical nature of the dance.

(photo: Stephen Crowley/The New York Times. caption: In a Senate dining room on Monday, Senator Rand Paul could be seen on a television monitor via via: Grand Deals Give Way to Legislative Quick Fixes -NYT. )

  • black_dog_barking

    A striking image but it took a bit of staring to suss out why. It isn’t the symmetry that catches my eye although symmetry dominates the composition. It was the absence of something that is all around most of us all day long, the absence of blemish that stands out for me. There is nothing out of place, not a stray scrap of paper or coffee stain or five o’clock shadow or inch of shirt cuff not peeking out of a jacket. No newspaper left open and abandoned, no power cord running from the wall screen to an external wall socket, no chair not pushed all the way in when the meal was abandoned. This is not my world.

    The nearest thing I can find to a potential flaw is the slightest hint of male pattern baldness peaking up from the very top of the head of the gentleman on the right. And that might just be a bit of reflection from overhead lighting. This is a perfect world of perfect brushed surfaces kept perfectly spotless, every hair in its place, no soup stains or water spots.

    • Karen H

      The man seated on the left looks familiar. I must watch too much cable news. but I do find myself wondering who these two are. Aides discussing hammering out details? Minions discussing bowl games? As always, the supporting characters in a Crowley photo leave one wondering.

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