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January 6, 2013

Businessweek to Congress: Grow Up

Businessweek Babies cover

This cover reminds me of the face slap Businessweek delivered early in the GOP campaign while the rest of the media was falling all over itself pandering to the Donald. In that instance, too, the larger media tendency was to indulge the drama.  (The scene also reminds me of this precious side chapel inflated by angels in the Church of São Roque in Lisbon.)  This blunt a media pushback to the acting out in Washington is sadly all too rare. (And then, I’m wondering if any pause was given before deciding to  characterize the developmental delay as spread equally across the chamber.)

  • gasho

    This narrative, about Congress being juvenile isn’t new to anyone who’s been watching. As George Lakoff would also point out there is a wider frame that is activated by calling them babies – one of self centeredness, irresponsibility, and the lack of maturity necessary to be constrained by reason, evidence and honest analysis.

    Now that this frame is being crystalized by the mainstream media, it should be easier to make the connection between the absurd tactics of the right and the fact that they are not making a best faith effort to govern responsibly. The blogs have been saying this for a long time now. Some in the media even say it – but the punches somehow never land. The rants of John Stewart, and the very existence of Stephen Colbert should have forced a course correction long ago – how could someone continue to act absurdly when the absurdity has been pointed out?? But the public (or some other part of the functioning republic) has been asleep or missing in action. At some point, though, covers like this make it impossible to stay asleep. If everyone wakes up and holds them accountable, maybe we will see a shift away from this disturbing state of affairs.

  • Scarabus

    Re that final sentence, a thought experiment: Suppose you could populate the chamber with kids ranging in age from infants to barely post-pubescent, as many of each as you want. How many of each age would you choose, and how would you distribute them?

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