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November 29, 2012

The Powerball Economy

The Onion Powerball fans Instagram

Trex Mart General Manager Kenny Gilber, noting that a retailer who sells the winning ticket gets $50,000, said, “”I guess we’ll be able to give out Christmas bonuses. That’s nice, especially at this time of year.”

– from “Powerball jackpot winners, don’t rush, say lottery official” (USAT)

It seems the Daily Show or The Onion are only becoming more credible for pulling back the curtain in “two America” America. The caption to this wonderful “photo” on the Onion Instagram feed reads:

Powerball Super Fans Camping Out Before The Big Drawing Dressed Up As Their Favorite Numbers.

The simple, if swollen message? If you think everyone in America has an equal chance to achieve riches, you’reĀ getting gamed.

(image: TheOnion/Instagram)

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