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November 28, 2012

Old Anger in a New Bottle: Glenn Beck’s Version of Piss Christ

Well, it’s progress at least. The “Obama thinks he’s the second coming” attack used to be constant. Apparently now, it has scaled back to a seasonal thing. Beck’s rip on “Piss Christ,” though, is a two-fer — an attack on Obama while also tying him to that pointy-headed and also sacrileges art world.

Don’t worry — it’s beer, by the way. An artless fundraising scheme mimicking the art world, but on a beer budget. The other twists I see: It’s sort of a sad riff on a holiday snow globe … but so “down home” in a mason jar. Bottom line, though, what’s so new here?  It’s just old anger in a new bottle.

(image: Glenn via Gawker via DailyIntel)

  • LanceThruster

    Is Beck some sort of idiot savant?

    • gary

      You’re half right.

  • Bugboy

    I presume he applied for grant funding from the NEA for this?

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  • Marie

    Beer Obama, huh? The Ball jar and bobble-head doll makes me think it’s tacky crafts time for rednecks. All it needs is a little glitter. He’s managed to include the American flag in with Obama, too, whatever that means. Flags and piss-poor beer- what could be more American? (Sorry – I’m a little punchy from surveying the highly snarky and entertaining comments on this over at Wonkette.)

  • Cactus

    Ah, the fascinatingly twisted mind of Glenn Beck. Having witnessed a chink
    in the populist armor of his former competitor, Rushbaby, Glenn has to jump in
    with even more craziness to fill the void — and garner more attention for
    himself. Unfortunately, his little mind can’t quite capture the stunning
    craziness of his nemeses, the great Rush. Glenn reaches for his props and
    comes up with a jar of pseudo-piss in which to dump an Obama effigy. No doubt he
    considers himself an art critic and political satirist. Alas!

  • mr. Fergus

    Give Glen a C4 haircut, ( C4 wrapped around his neck and set off with gusto). Nobody would miss him except his retarded buddies at FOX.

  • LanceThruster


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