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November 9, 2012

Businessweek and the Obama Age Progression Cover

Nelson Mandela, anyone?

Obama is 51 years old; in four years he’ll be 55 and we all know that even dramatic aging won’t do what Bloomberg Businessweek just did to the president. So, taken as a metaphor for the problems facing his administration, will the next four years be a greater challenge than those facing Obama in his first term? I’d only agree with Bloomberg’s premise vis-à-vis global warming and climate change. The rest of the hugely weighty challenges confronting Obama in his second term will be the same-sized mountains he climbed (and is still climbing) in his first.

By the way, below are Obama’s 2005 U.S. Senate portrait, the 2008 official presidential portrait, and Obama phone banking on Monday in Ohio. It looks like the process is proceeding just a little slower than that.

(credit: Jason Reed/Reuters caption: U.S. President Barack Obama makes calls to volunteers who have helped his re-election cause, from the German Village election campaign office in Columbus, Ohio on Monday.)

  • bks3bks

    I take it the honeymoon is over.


    • Michael Shaw

      Long in the tooth.

  • black_dog_barking

    The future will be here soon enough. We’ll all be better off in that future if we invest our reserves of time and attention in the now. Plenty to do, a brand new Obama term is a great place to start.

    Labor Day, 2016 is a good time for me to start thinking about the 2016 elections. We’ll be looking at faces other than the current president then.

  • Carolyn Ponte

    Actually Black People always look younger than their years so I expect Obama to remain a handsome man. If you want to age someone start with Sarah Palin or Michelle Bauchmann, they already look like old hags.

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