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October 4, 2012

Your Turn: Jenga

Romney Jenga

It’s the last photo of Romney before he came on stage to debate Obama in Denver. Photographers were ushered into the hold room to witness the scene. The photo got all kind of exposure yesterday. I’m wondering what its saying.

UPDATE: Just added a second view:

Byan Snyder Zenga

(photo: charlesdharapak/Instagram – #aponthetrail caption: Mitt Romney and family in hold room before debate in Denver. photo 2: Brian Snyder/Reuters.)

  • Thomas

    Great shot. At once a family in the vacuum, holding their breath, and headlining actors in the void of theatrical locker room horseplay. (The prominently harsh, unnaturally-hued plastic packaging in the foreground is a particularly nice touch.) For me it recalls a little bit of the Cheney family shot, the one with everybody in the kitchen as Dick carves up the meat. There is that same pressing sense of performative, competitive recreating that is the hallmark of public families.

    Also, really excellent the way Ann’s being fully fitted to Mitt counterbalances the game’s—and the composition’s—other center of gravity.

  • Thomas Gokey

    High-tension, stressful, unstable, house of cards. Pride cometh before the fall.

    Nice shot of the caffeine free diet Coke in the foreground.

  • Sarah

    One false move and it all comes tumbling down.

  • Phil Perdue

    David beats Goliath with just five smooth stones. My guess is that by the time this picture was taken, Romney had chosen his five stones. While adeptness with rearrangement and repositioning must run in the family, it would be Romney’s adeptness with his sling(zing?)-shot that would matter on the Denver stage.

  • marcsobel It’s Baining. You take an existing company that someone else built and try to take away everything you can before it collapses.

    • Glennis Waterman

      I love this analysis.

  • bks3bks

    Ann has perfected the sneer. Or is it botox?


  • bcomnes

    mormons drink coke and suck rocks??

  • gasho

    Romney doesn’t need to rehearse at this point – his head is full. Adding any more information will only be confusing, so play a (non-word) game. Good move. So much so, that it could be seen as smart.. so .. invite the press!! We’re doing something smart!!

    The problem is that the structure of the game itself suggests meaning. I love the “Baining” comment, which fits for sure. Another metaphor here is based on country instead of a company: take from the middle and add to the top as much as you can until the whole thing crashes down.

    By my count, this game is just about 8 moves in. Most rounds of Jenga will go until the whole stack is picked clean of possibilities.. 20 or 30 moves from now. These guys are just starting..

  • Earl Mardle

    All wrong. Romney had a deal with the game makers to feature it during the pre-debate photo op. He’s smiling because he just pocketed another wad.

  • jonst

    it just goes to show what every trial lawyer has learned the hard way……you do something often, you get better at it. 99 out of 100 times. How many debates has Romney had in the last 18 months? How many has Obama had? I don’t count debates in private. Romney got em the other night. (and please spare me the ‘yeah but Romney really lied’ nonsense.Did you expect different? Obama will come loaded for bear the next debate. He will smoke Romney. Smoke him.

  • Lance Thruster

    Like the great patriarchs teaching chess to their heirs.
    Take as much as you can and be gone before the skeleton collapses.

  • Lance Thruster

    Seeing a lot of Ann-gam in the up the less-than-chaste short skirt photo.
    Won’t someone please think of the children?

  • Glennis Waterman

    Ann look like the cat who ate the canary.

  • Steven Matthew Crandall

    We’re they placing $10 K bets as they pulled a log?

  • Rita

    i have two sons of their ages, what exactly do these guys do??? I would feel like a complete failure if they lived for ME!!!!!

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