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October 30, 2012

Sandy and 9/11

One the greatest ironies of the disasterous storm that hit NY last night was this flooding of the Ground Zero construction site. John Minchillo’s photo is a visceral reminder that NYC, with all its power, is not immune to attacks either natural or man-made — and that traumas, at least emotionally, will and do seep into each other.

(photo: John Minchillo/AP caption: Sea water floods the Ground Zero construction site on Monday, Oct. 29, 2012, in New York.)

  • Gasho

    I want to be careful not to say anything to offend the people affected by this awful storm. They are victims of a disaster.

    When I see the two disasters of 911 and Sandy in the same shot, though, it makes me look deeper at the root causes. Irresponsible energy usage in the last century brought both disasters on. Our oil-driven policies in the middle east in the decades prior to the millennium created anger toward us that culminated in 911 and our unlimited burning of carbon based fuels as if there were no consequence brought global warming and Sandy.

    We are all interconnected. We play our role and it has real consequences. I think of the other seeds we’ve planted that have yet to flower — such as the Fukushima disaster that *seems* like old news (but is wildly misunderstood and underestimated in my opinion). Speaking of seeds, consider the widespread use of GMO seeds themselves which don’t reproduce as natural seeds do yet may cause unexpected consequences in the food chain and overall environment. Radiation and altered gene sequences — what could go wrong?

    We need to get serious about the environmental movement in our world. We need to get serious about renewable energy, organics, no-nuke policies, population education, and emergency preparedness. Sandy isn’t just a freak storm — it could very well be the new normal.

    • Scarabus

      Absolutely. I’ve been thinking about how some tragedies strike without warning (9/11); some give you a little warning and you try to prepare (Sandy); and others give you decades of warning so that you know inexorably what’s coming (global warming). We’ve done nothing to prepare for or try to ameliorate the last. The subways are closed now. When the seas rise, much of the city’s infrastructure will be under water.

  • Cactus

    I agree with all you say, Gasho. Except
    I’m afraid it is too late for action. The world moves even slower than the US.
    I have the feeling that even if we were to stop all our flagrantly abusive
    practices today, it would be another hundred years before the continuing
    deterioration could be stopped. I also think, from what I’ve read that now
    seems to be ‘unavailable,’ Fukushima was much worse than we were/are told.

    Maybe it’s just Halloween, but I find that photo particularly and hauntingly beautiful.

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