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October 25, 2012

Romney/Ryan: Overdone BFF Shtick Artfully Framed

Crowley is such a wonderful photographer. I wonder how he’d describe this. Perhaps as two exceptionally upright, upstanding, stand up guys having a straight up moment.


Romney Ryan Denver tarmac.

Romney Ryan Denver tarmac 2
Getty’s Justin Sullivan also filed a clever set. I find all these photos painfully self-conscious, determined to demonstrate extraordinary chemistry, a deep bond, that much pleasure in the other. Having gotten used to a President who is that natural in front of the cameras, perhaps it’s just that odd now to encounter the kind of posing demonstrated day-in and day-out during the Bush tenure.

Depending on the person, though, expecting someone to “just be himself” can sometimes be asking for the moon.

…By the way, if you give photographers the angle while trying too hard to communicate a deep male connection (the way Romney has been posing like Mr. Empathy since the debate in Denver), you’re just begging for some homo-erotic interpretations.

(photo 1: Stephen Crowley/The New York Times caption: Mitt Romney and his running mate, Rep. Paul D. Ryan, conferred in Denver before leaving on separate campaign 2 – 4: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.)

  • jmac

    Romney: I promise. We win this and I’ll get you a decent tailor.

  • Lance Thruster

    That last shot looks as if they might as well be skipping.

  • Janis Edwards

    A good one. The deep bond idea is undermined by Romney’s very obvious departures from Ryan’s ideological positions on war, women, birthg control, and probably everything else. Yes, about the homoerotic flavoring.

  • Audio7

    The handshake photo shows both men looking at the other’s hand rather than at his face. One wonders if this shows that they don’t trust each other.

    The last pic looks as if they were doing a Laurel and Hardy gag.

    • Lance Thruster

      And it goes a little something like this…


      Commence advancin’, commence

      Just Start a prancin’, right and left

      A moochee dancin’, slide and glide

      You do the tango jiggle,

      With a Texas Tommy wiggle.

      Take your partner, and you hold

      Lightly enfold her, a little

      Just work your shoulder,

      Snap your fingers one and all, in the

      At the ball, that’s all, some ball.

  • Catherine McCallum


  • Cactus

    I don’t so much get the homoerotic-ness of these photos. Instead I see a
    distaste by Romney for his younger running mate. Notice in the top photo how
    Ryan is leaning into Romney but Romney’s shoulders are ever so slightly leaning

    The next three just reinforce that ‘pose.’ In #2 Romney’s hands are almost
    in a defensive pose and his head is slightly back. Ryan’s hand is somewhat
    forcefully in Romney’s face.

    #3 as Ryan extends his hand, Romney’s not that into it, barely his hand
    & wrist showing, elbow safely tucked into his body. Also, Romney’s chin is
    tucked close to his chest, which almost looks like an expression of disgust.
    BTW, disregard the smile, Romney’s perfected the omnipresent plastic smile of a
    decade of campaigning.

    #4 Romney’s smile begins to break down as Ryan goes for an emphatic
    gesture, and Romney puts up a defensive hand as he turns to escape into the

    Yeah, and they are self conscious and very aware they are being

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