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October 30, 2012

Pic of the Day: Romney’s Hurricane Sandy Non-Political Political Event

Romney campaigning Hurricane relief

This really captures it, doesn’t it? It’s Romney mixing campaigning with hurricane relief on a day that he pledged would exclude the former. (According to the picture, in fact, it appears the emphasis is actually going the other way.)

Felicia Sonmez, who broke the Ryan soup kitchen story, sketches out the hypocrisy in her post this morning: Romney Ohio campaign event turns into storm relief effort. My favorite part is where Romney quips how the canned goods donation is the cover charge to hear Randy Owen.

Besides still another insightful image from Charles Dharapak, Stephen Crowley was understandably drawn to the same irony, the Times article raising similar questions about Romney’s non-political political day.

Crowley Romney Hurricane Sandy

In any case, it seems Romney has come a long way in terms of raising his donation, relief and food bank chops.

(photo: Charles Dharapak/#APontheTrail – Instagram)

  • Stan B.

    Which shows exactly why he’s way too busy to answer all 14 questions on why he’d abolish FEMA…

    • boomerangst

      Yeah, but the Daily Beast said:
      “To be fair, it’s very unlikely Romney would defund FEMA as president.”
      Really? I say to be fair, does anyone really know what Romney would do as president? Declare martial law and crown himself “King of the Latter-Day Saints” who has now come to take over America like it’s been foretold?

      Be afraid, be very afraid of this man.

  • LanceThruster

    Time for Rmoney supporters to offload their surplus cans of creamed corn.

    • Michael Shaw


  • Stan B.

    BTW- Donating canned goods, clothes and perishable items is exactly what FEMA and Red Cross advise NOT to do…

  • Regina Schrambling

    Fascinating to me that it almost looks like crude product placement in a movie, with so many labels facing forward — if only food companies had known, they could have had their processed crap in that photo so fast. And I like the obvious sleight of hand: two-card monte. Mostly, as friends sit in the dark with nonfunctioning bathrooms just four miles from me in Manhattan, with the subways shut down for the foreseeable future, I’m wondering how much hope they would take from a few cheap tins.

  • bks3bks

    Couldn’t he just have donated the larder from one of his ten houses?

    By the way, while everyone was looking at Sandy, Florida has become quite
    winnable for Obama. The punditocracy keeps ceding Florida to Romney but the polls tell a different tale. It’s closer than Ohio.


  • jmac

    Shh. No mention of his church. According to Huckabee it’s the ‘nuclear option’ if Dems go there. I’m waiting for him to win so his church can put millions into initiatives in each state to ban assault weapons. Who knows? No one.

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