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October 24, 2012

Painting the Deserts and Magic Castles: Romney’s Mo


Clearly, Team Romney is doing some smashing rallies, reinforcing their number one talking point: we’ve got the mo.

What’s particularly cool (amplified in multiple variations on the Romney FB page) is how the crowd, in a collegiate and frat-like way, forms a circle “C” for Colorado. Yes, I get that it’s the state flag, but then, isn’t it kind of hilarious (and metaphorically rich to no end) how it’s also so regimental and corporate, like a copyright?

Romney Red Rock 3

And then, doesn’t  the Romney logo projected onto those romantic hills at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado last night have a bit of the Batman vibe?

Obama Florida Castle

That event in Daytona Beach the other night was also pretty spectacular. On the eve of the foreign policy debate — and excuse the not-exactly-p.c. analogy, my first association was: Benghazi. Oh well, the castle  (as much as all those geography references were flying out of Romney on Monday night in his mano-a-mano with Obama)  could almost be anywhere.

But, especially Florida.

If Romney knocks off Obama, one thing we can bank on is a radical shift in optics — and an odd soup besides. They had fireworks in Daytona, by the way, which really lent a Magic Kingdom air. Not widely appreciated, either, was that the event was held in the middle of a Biker happening.)

(photo 1 & 2: PresidentMittRomney/Facebook. photo 3: Jim Young/Reuters caption: U.S. Republican presidential nominee and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney arrives at a campaign rally in Daytona Beach, Florida, October 19, 2012.) photo 4: Alex Moe/Instagram – alexnbcnews)

  • black_dog_barking

    Magic Kingdom indeed. I thought the Romney campaign was at DisneyWorld. Perfect place for ‘em, Disney Main Street where everything is spotless, all the real folks are polite and white, and an invisible underclass is constantly picking up after their leisurely strolls from one safe and imaginary adventure to another.

    ( I also love the size difference between “Romney” and “Ryan” in their campaign logo. Our Willard is one insecure little man, isn’t he? )

  • Scarabus

    For the record, this is indeed Daytona Beach (where that band shell is located), not Kissimmee (where Wally World is located). The fantasy design of the band shell is modeled on the actual, still standing fortifications found in St. Augustine — settled by the Spanish well before Jamestown or Plymouth.

    It isn’t modeled on Disney’s Cinderella’s Castle, an “Imagineered” stage set modeled on Ludwig II’s Austrian Neuschwanstein, itself effectively an outdoor recreation of a Wagnerian stage set — that is, 20ht century fantasy, based on a 19th century fantasy, based on another 19th century fantasy, based on a romanticized fantasy about a medieval past that never really existed.

    We Central Floridians, including and in some ways especially us in Volusia County, have a lot to be embarrassed about. But we Volusia Countians are not to blame for Wally World or for Ziegfield-Romney’s dancing, prancing, and lying in front of our coastal city’s band shell. Especially not for his smirking while doing so!

    Scary thought! The last Republican who subjected us to such a smug, supercilious, permanently pasted-on smirk was RayGun. Scary that we might have to deal with another such smirk. Even scarier that this one is worse. Reagan would be unelectable today, considered too liberal. My God! He talked with Russia instead of bombing them! He actually raised taxes to cover his spending!

  • jmac

    Romney might have mo-ney, but there’s no mo.

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