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October 11, 2012

Biden – Ryan in 4 Pics


Biden laughing Veep debate

If the thrust of the GOP’s critique is that Obama was overbearing or somehow condescending, after the way Romney rode roughshod two weeks ago, Biden had plenty of license to get aggressive. Wasn’t that a consistent Rove tactic, by the way: have your guy do it, then accuse your opponents of it?  The “disrespect” charge doesn’t really stick, however, in the face of an opponent who alternately isn’t truthful or operates in generalities. Plus, this wasn’t Denver. Style/body language counts for a less in a more substantive exchange.


Joe calling malarky. Perhaps the most widely circulated scene of the night, attacking Biden for theatrics is like attacking Romney for being unwilling to change his mind.


Perhaps the stealth pic of the night. Ryan (what’s that look: choir boy?) survives.

Finally, shot of inscrutable Romney (his repeated pizza prop going for accent of common man) reminds us tonight was an undercard, and Ryan clearly an understudy.

Bottom line? Billed as a crucial encounter, the Veep show wasn’t so much. Bring on Obama.

(updated 10am EST – added photo 4. revised copy.)

(photo 1: John Gress/Reuters. caption: U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (L) debates Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan (R) during the U.S. vice presidential debate in Danville, Kentucky October 11, 2012. photo 2: David Goldman/AP. photo 3: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. photo 4: Evan Vucci/AP. caption: Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, right, watches the vice presidential debate with Sen. Rob Portman, R- Ohio, left, in his hotel room on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012 in Asheville, N.C.)

  • BooksAlive

    The third photo, with Ryan between the pointing index fingers, captures the furrowed brow and deep creases around his mouth that were his fall-back expression throughout the debate. The widow’s peak of his hairline accentuates it for me. I turned in late, so missed much of Biden’s animated performance. Of course, the VP smiled and vigorously responded through the question and answer sequences and then held back in a quiet, decorous manner for Ryan’s 2-minute summary statement.

  • bystander

    Try as I might, I cannotcannotcannot get the image of Eddie Munster out of my head when I look at Paul Ryan. Talk about an image that sticks and the power of visual media! I watched segments of the debate, but not the whole thing. From what I did watch, it seems clear to me, each was playing to their already established, respective bases. As an indie, my intent to vote 3rd party validated and affirmed.

    • mmargaret

      the fact that there are a few 100,000 Iraqis and over 4000 U.S. military who died in Iraq testifies to the fact that there is a difference between the parties.

      Agree with you on the Eddie Munster stuff.

  • black_dog_barking

    Image three with the pointing fingers: Who smelt it dealt it.

  • 14All

    For me, the last pic really tells it all. Romney doesn’t look inscrutable–he looks unhappy, subtly angry, and almost flinching.

    • boomerangst

      I also think Romney looks very, very tired. Now, it may be the lighting, but he has some huge dark circles around his eyes. His hands also seem tightly clenched. It must be hard to have to do this himself and not be able to pay someone to stand in for him.

  • leliorisen

    After watching the debate last night…

    The only reason to vote for Ryan/Romney is if you want to
    see Roe V. Wade overturned, The
    Affordable Care Act dismantled, Medicare and Social Security privatized, a new
    war waged, gay Americans codified as 2nd-class citizens, and the lives of the
    wealthy enriched even further.

    That is it.

    Biden took it to young Mr. Ryan last night. It’s about time
    somebody did


  • namvetted68

    iPad™ on table looks sort of like an Etch-A-Sketch™. Nice product placement (though focus is fuzzy) with the Coke Zero™ .

    • PMMJ

      I saw that as an Etch-A-Sketch also. But, why is the pizza on top of the box? Who does that?

  • jhjenn

    Wait, that’s not working-class pizza…that’s clearly hand-tossed-stone-baked-gourmet pizza! Seriously, get the right prop.

  • irishdave3

    In order to put lipstick on a pig, doesn’t the pigs need lips?

  • irishdave3

    When will “they” call for Uncle Joe to be charged with child abuse?

  • GeorgeMokray

    Eddie Munster and Eddie Haskell for one generation, Slater and Zack for another, lots of media images to connect to Lyin.

  • Gasho

    The image of Biden throwing up his arms is iconic and could so easily be turned into an internet meme.. because there are so many outrageous Republican stances he could potentially be reacting to.

    He’s basically saying, “F*cking A!…” I can’t believe…

    Fucking A! If you guys hide your budget plan under your skirts any
    longer, we’re going to start saying you don’t have one under there!

    Fucking A! Stop cherry picking parts of our Healthcare Plan saying you
    would provide the good parts and not the bad parts and meanwhile, you’re
    going to scrap the whole thing!

    Fucking A! I can’t believe you Republican retards would be bringing up the Wars you started in the Middle East along along with the Tax Cuts Bush started in the same breath as you talk about the awful Deficit!

    Fucking A! The math on your budget plan is not only Unknown, but all that we know about it is it’s going to close the loopholes in the tax system — Loopholes that nobody knows better than Mitt Frickin’ Romney after using them so aggressively for years!

    Fucking A! … write your own!

  • williambanzai7

    Is that an Etch a Sketch on the Pizza table?

  • Catherine McCallum

    Romney sees Ryan as a dose of medicine he’s being forced to accept. Ryan sees Romney as a springboard.

  • Karen H

    Looks to me as if it were served to Mr. Romney on top of a cutting board. I also had to look twice to see that what now seems like a red covered ipad wasn’t an etch a sketch. No knobs!

  • BooksAlive

    As jhjenn notes above, if the pizza was stone-baked, it was probably moved to a large wooden chopping board for serving. An extra-large wooden board.

  • jonst

    what was the vote on going to war with Iraq?

  • stormkite

    Could be an electronic etch-a-sketch.

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