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September 24, 2012

Trappings of the Office: “Third Man” in the Campaign, and in Last Night’s Dueling CBS Interviews

Looks like the the C.I.C. might be covering his flank a bit with this one, the fresh Flickr photo likely a response to the uptick in vulnerability lately on Libya, Egypt and foreign policy. Taken on August 1st and posted Friday, that’s an impressive landing party with all the chest candy.

What it also captures, however — with the campaign winding down and Romney flailing —  is how much the President is leveraging the trappings of the office.

Here we see Obama in his 60 Minutes interview last night at the White House. It was played against an interview with Romney set in an office I’m not sure where, and then aboard “Scrapbook One.”

After hearing Romney pass “the Palin test,” chatting on about his reading list and President Adams, the setting lent just a little more oomph when Obama, as he’s wont to do, brought up Lincoln.

(photo: Pete Souza/White House caption: President Barack Obama disembarks Air Force One upon his arrival at Mansfield Air National Guard Base in Mansfield, Ohio, Aug. 1, 2012.screen shots: AP via CBS/CBS. caption 2: In this Sept. 12 image taken from video and provided by CBS, ‘60 Minutes’ correspondent Steve Kroft speaks with President Obama, at the White House in Washington. The interview aired on ‘60 Minutes’ Sunday night, Sept. 23.)

  • Cactus

    It’s lonely at the top.

    Since this is a Natl. Guard base, my guess is that they aren’t
    as A-J-Squared away as a regular military base would be. Thus all the brass on
    hand would perhaps be more eager to make an appearance with the CIC. The only
    thing I can fault is the release date almost two months later. Kind of
    stretching the point and could even look a bit desperate. I suppose they
    thought the one taken minutes later, with the CIC in the midst of those saluting
    uniforms, a bit too much.

    The other two photos — incumbent presidents usually do get to
    be interviewed in the WH – it’s one of the perks. But on Romney’s plane (I
    assume it’s his regular campaign plane), are those photos above the windows
    supposed to make him seem more human?

    OT, but I’ve just been noticing something about him. In his
    videos he tends to look smug and condescending. But in head shot stills, he
    just looks like a dufus. It’s just a dopey expression — even Palin could do
    better than that.

    • black_dog_barking

      I believe the pictures above the plane windows are diagrams explaining how to roll the window down if it gets a little hot. Don’t quote me on that.

  • boomerangst

    I think Romney’s expression is a patronizing smirk–kind of “oh, here we go again–more stupid questions from you people… when I’m the President, I’ll let you people know exactly how little I think of you… ”

    As I look at Romney for more than a minute or so, I feel some compassion. I really believe he thought he would have a much easier time becoming President because it is his “destiny.” However, I remember who he is and what he stands for and that compassion is gone. Go away, Mitt, go back to one of your mansions.

    Yes, Barack Obama is interviewed in the White House cause he’s the President of the United States and he lives there.

  • Cactus

    Bravo, black_dog. I bow to your superior Quipness.

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