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September 20, 2012

Some Thoughts on the TIME Clinton Globe Cover — (Yes, Husband Bill)


• Pretty audacious given his wife’s mandate.

• Then, talking double-standards, can you imagine any woman posed as if she had the world in her hands?

• After the success of the convention speech, and time served for good behavior, Clinton’s got big balls again.

Well, he’s still got a dark side.

• It’s still, the white man and Africa.

(photo: Mark Seliger for TIME. prop: Rob Strauss)

  • black_dog_barking

    He’s got the whole world … in his hands ( repeat three times )

    During his convention speech he had a whole lot of us wrapped around his little finger. A shining example of the American dream come true, rising from modest circumstances through incredible talent to become the most powerful single person in the world for most of a decade. ‘Course the folks most vocal about the American Dream and how wonderful it is hate the Big Dog’s guts. Stupid fuckers.

  • jonst

    please tell me one of the ideas is Bill, Hillary and Chelsea , and all the Bushs going away for once and for all.

  • bks

    The sky is dark with optimism.


  • matt



  • Thomas

    Can I imagine any woman posing for this? Amanda Palmer comes to mind pretty effortlessly. Seriously though, is the suggestion that the cover concept wouldn’t be offered to a woman, or that there is some gender-specific reason women are not capable of this sort of extremely narcissistic stagecraft?

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