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September 13, 2012

Romney and the Foreign Policy Crisis…. His Own


Mr. Kyl echoed Mr. Romney’s criticism of the embassy statement. “This is like a judge telling the woman that got raped, ‘You asked for it because of the way you dressed,’ ” he said. “O.K.? That’s the same thing: ‘Well, America you should be the ones to apologize. You should have known this would happen.’” — via the NYT.

It was hard not to think these days about John McCain issuing the US economy a clean bill of health in ‘08 just as it went into free fall (or worse, to muse over a right wing Senator defending Romney’s attack on Obama with a rape metaphor).

Watching Romney/Ryan suddenly so obsessed with the military, I’m not sure if it’s actually dangerous or just desperate, the candidate intent on compensating somehow for overlooking Afghanistan at the RNC, then going on the offensive in the middle of a foreign crisis and near-instantaneously calling out Obama’s handling of it with confused facts.

On Instagram, AP photographer Charles Dharapak has taken a droll approach to the Romney theater over the past few days. In this photo of Mitt speaking to the National Guard on 9/11 (Romney relating how he smelled the stench from the plane that struck the Pentagon as he was driving the Beltway), the photographer tips his hand regarding the aspiring C.I.C., seen in the upward, obstructed view of a not-so-perceptible Romney, sandwiched between concentric emblems of military officialdom framed in harsh light. (Less artful in the hands of local Milwaukee photographers, Ryan spent 9/11 around camo.)

Even more sly is this photo yesterday of an aide adjusting the fold of the flag in Jacksonville before Romney disparaged Obama about the U.S. ambassador’s killing in Libya. (Also notice the Romney cut-out in the distance.) As things go south, the task at hand seems to be more about stage direction.


Back pedaling the way they are, I don’t imagine Team Romney feels they’ve got anywhere to go on foreign policy but up. I’m not so sure about that, however.

Romney battleship

Things get any worse and it’s hard to imagine those photos of Ryan’s onboarding taken in front of a battleship (and “the plan” wagon) for-who-knows-what-reason (because Ryan’s from the state the ship is named after and the port is in a toss-up state?) starting to revivify this or this.

(photo 1 & 2: Charles Dharapak/AP via Instagram. photo 3: linked image: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

  • playera

    He looks like one of the preserved heads on Furturama, framed by the microphones.

  • Marie

    In the first image, he looks like a tiny head stuck atop a very large podium. Maybe saying something about his trying to fill a role?

    In the third/last image, I can’t see any of his lower body from that angle (where is the rest of him?!), so again, he looks like a talking upper body fused onto a podium. I can’t decide if it looks more funny or creepy.

  • Audio7

    Wimpy draft dodging Willard photographed among the images of force and power makes those of us old enough to remember the Vietnam War want to vomit.

  • LanceThruster

    Romney’s facial expressions remind me of Disneyland animatronics.

  • George Carstocea

    Can’t help but notice the formal similarities between the third photo and the famous photo of GW Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech – a moment that the Romney campaign should probably avoid evoking. Here’s a link to that image I found with a quick Google Image Search:

  • Cactus

    Haven’t we seen this before? It seems that during every
    campaign a photographer takes a photo of one of the candidates from this
    perspective. This one is a bit more diabolical, however, with the stage lights
    looking like he is being questioned for a murder or some other crime, and those
    mics positioned to look like a head brace.

    The aide adjusting the flag — I didn’t know there was a
    preference for the folds of the flag. Is there a democratic fold and a
    teapublican fold? Perhaps only the southern state stars can show on the center
    fold? Or maybe he’s just petting it.

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