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September 17, 2012

Newsweek’s “Rage” Cover: Doubling Down on Islamic Hate

Newsweek muslim rage cover 2

I have to say, it takes some doing to actually turn the cover of a national news magazine, and a supposedly mainstream on at that, into its own, one-pass version of the Muhammed hate video.

It’s one thing to pose a wailing, two-fisted image as a starting point to try and understand the nature of the protests in the Muslim world. It’s something completely different, however, to convert your cover into a pernicious poster driven by an editorial that not only stereotypes Muslims as hysterical infidels but leverages a highly sensitive situation to provoke its own enmity.

This is so pejorative, so negating, Muslim’s aren’t even relegated to “them,” but to “it.” As the anchor text contextualizes the title, the three alarm bell headline is no longer a symptom but its own disease.

Seriously? How can we end it??? (This cancer. This threat to the rationality we experience in the West?)

It’s easy. Just drone them, nuke them. Because, this brilliantly irresponsible cover — the headline, the ultimate example of a double entendre — seeks to stoke (Our) Muslim Rage.

(photo: no online credit provided)

  • rickterp

    So, a month after Niall Ferguson’s “Hit the Road, Barack” Newsweek cover story, here’s his wife Ayaan Hirsi Ali getting a Newsweek cover story of her own. Interesting…

    • Matthew Platte

      If Newsweek were a blog we’d (condescendingly) say they were merely trolling for eyeballs….

    • GeorgeMokray

      Noticed that too. Family business.

  • DennisQ

    There we are, minding our own business as nice people, when these hot heads just pop off. Again. How long can we endure it? Americans truly believe we are the greatest force for good the world has ever known, and we are genuinely mystified that anyone should fail to recognize it. Those Arabs! They are so irrational that it’s no wonder we have to bomb them.

  • francisco herrero

    I agree on the image and the copy. I agree the headline is part of the disease. But I find the editorial itself fine. She says “it”– meaning the very same rage by which her own life has been upended– will end when democratic principles truly reign in the Islamic world. She says to take the long view and be willing to support basic civil rights in these countries. You may consider this cultural imperialism, but tell that to the gay man who is hanging from the end of a rope in Iran. The image and headline are inflammatory, but the editorial is not.

    • francisco herrero

      And I agree that on the first page of the editorial the language is condescending. I agree do indeed hope she is right with the future prospects.

  • Audio7

    Without jumping to conclusions, the photo could be showing one guy telling a joke as his friends strain to hear the punchline.

  • black_dog_barking

    Wonder if Newsweek will follow this up with Christian Rage? They could use a picture of a Phelps family outing to a soldier funeral for their cover. That’d probably move some copy too.

    • WICKET99

      Thank you for pointing that out.

  • Cactus

    Tina Brown once had a short-lived TV interview program which
    was interesting and intelligent (at least for TV). But as an editor, she does
    have a tendency to fly off the handle occasionally. I don’t like the buzz &
    cocktail partying (in Michael Wolff’s words) ashes she left at Vanity Fair.
    This may just be more evidence of that and the old media trope “if it bleeds, it

    Photographically, this is an interesting image — a lot to
    look at and interesting faces/expressions. That said, let’s look at the
    background. Over the past few weeks (months?) Newsweek has published several
    anti-Obama articles by Ferguson. The cover article in August received a lot of
    fact-checking criticism, probably mostly by liberal bloggers, and he took to his
    computer to whine about all those nasty lefties. Boohoo!

    Next, somehow, someone made sure that the Mullahs in the
    Mid-East saw clips of that horrible excuse for a movie. After which said
    Mullahs did a Glenn Beck on Arab TV to get the populace riled up. There
    followed days of angry Muslims hating on anything American.

    Now, along comes Hirsi Ali, a well-known anti-Muslim activist
    from The Netherlands and the American Enterprise Institute, with an ‘editorial’
    about those same bad Muslims. Ali herself has a checkered history when it comes
    to truth-telling, especially about her past and intentions. The ‘editorial’
    seems less intent on explaining the situation than in aggravating

    I’m not much of a believer in political coincidences,
    especially just 7 weeks before the elections. I hear American Crossroads may
    be sitting on a big pile of money. Just sayin’.

  • GeorgeMokray

    Claustrophobic picture, hands, beards, open mouths, a splash of red that could imply blood.

    Here’s the account of one of the actors in the movie that started this violence:

  • tarek

    الاسلام دين الوسطية والاعتدال .

  • aurora50

    Not sure where to post this question; so here goes. Just saw this article at the Daily Mail:

    The picture of Stevens and the 3, I assume Libyans, is astonishing to me! what do you think? can you identify the players…

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