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September 2, 2012

In a Snapshot: Hurricane Isaac Fallout as Seen From the Romney Motorcade

Romney Louisiana motorcade

On a wave and a prayer?

Given the Romney/Ryan anti-government mantra, you’ve got to love the irony of all these otherwise-tragic photos of Louisiana flood victims shot from Mitt’s motorcade. Talk about up shit’s creek without a paddle.

via Instagram.

(photo: Maeve Reston/LA Times via Instagram – @maevereston caption: A man and woman in a canoe wave to Romney’s motorcade as he surveys Hurricane Isaac damage in Louisiana)

  • black_dog_barking

    Old wisdom: a rising tide lifts all boats.

    New wisdom: a rising tide swamps all basements.

    Is it globally warm enough yet? We here in the corn/beef belt have had less rain than Death Valley this summer. July was the second driest on record, August had even less rainfall. March was as warm as a typical May.

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