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September 6, 2012

DNC: Feeling It (Photos via Charles Dharapak/Instagram)

Dharapak DNC Enthusiasm 3

Dharapak DNC Enthusiasm 1

Dharapak DNC Enthusiasm 2

What Charles Dharapak has captured as well as anyone in these Instagram photos is the totally unexpected scene in Charlotte after two days of the DNC. It’s as if a party that that has been cautious and understated to a fault (possibly reflecting those aspects in the President) has started to find its voice.

Catalyzed by a group of dynamic, if largely unheralded younger leaders; the imperative of stating one’s case; a weak opponent; and more humanistic or just more substantive stances on most major issues, the convention has literally hummed with a confidence a sense of conviction and the celebration of each. I assume, by the way, these qualities, too, reflect the President, they just take a little more to uncork.

(photos: Charles Dharapak/AP caption: Delegates react to Rep. Emanuel Cleaver speech at DNC Charlotte #aponthetrail September 5, 2: caption: Delegate Richard Rios from Virgin Islands dances at DNC Charlotte #aponthetrail September 4, 2012 – @ charlesdharapak . photo 3: XXXXX caption: Day 1. DNC Charlotte. #aponthetrail.

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