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August 27, 2012

The New Yorker Romney – Ryan Homosexual Cover

New Yorker Romney Ryan Bromance Blitt cover
I’m interested in your thoughts (re: sum and parts) on The New Yorker’s Romney-Ryan homosexual cover. (Okay, if you think Blitt toed the line that closely, we can just call it a “bromance.” Still, some convention gift, eh?)

Beyond the innuendo, though — just forgetting what Urban Dictionary says about piggybacks, I love the car guys and the milkshake — there are all kinds of other allusions here. For example, what about the “lad and dad” reversal where, intellectually, Ryan’s the father and Mitt’s following Ryan’s lead … with Atlas Shrugged actually putting the philosophically-ambiguous Romney to sleep?

The only thing I worry about with a cover like this, also reflected in the harsh captions in this NYT slideshow this morning, is how much the attitude mirrors how people laughed at Reagan. Beware the mocking when it reaches a level where people seriously doubt America could elect such a guy.

More Blitt at the Bag.

(illustration: Barry Blitt caption: XXXXXXXXX.)

  • Alan S

    Romney putting his hand over his mouth, presumably to contain the giggles, while he and Ryan try to trick the dog is quite delicious.

    People mocked Reagan as a dumb fake cowboy, but I don’t thing anyone would have dared something like this…much more viscous and IMHO likely to be effective. Not that Romney should by any means be underestimated, he’s made it this far, but Reagan was also much more effective at countering that stuff with his own positive imagery.

    This is somewhat reminiscent recent little media fascination re. Ryan’s pants and how baggy they were. I recall them even described as empty looking of like a kids wearing his dad’s. I’m just glad its repub men being emasculated by the media, for a change.

    • kidzmom1

      “… but Reagan was also much more effective at countering that stuff with his own positive imagery.”

      I think Alan hits the nail on the head, here. Reagan was a joke but he was a likable one. Romney is also a joke but no one gets it.

  • black_dog_barking

    The milkshake is a particularly effective shot as it drags Mormanism in through the back door. Satire at this level usually brings conversation to a standstill. I don’t imagine Rush will have anything at all to say about this (Is he still on the air? Does he have any listeners?) simply because the mocking is cloaked in ersatz innocence, boys being boys, the fifties pervade here and the Republican base loves themselves some fifties.

  • obviousgeorge

    top right, notice how little the “little people” are

  • obviousgeorge

    top left I mean (dyslexia)

  • penalcolony

    So who was Ryan’s parish priest 30 years ago? Just asking . . .

  • Glarx McFloob

    Is the New Yorker seriously mocking the GOP candidates by insinuating their homosexuality? I sincerely hope I’m misinterpreting, because this would be incredibly poor form.

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