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August 26, 2012

Of Birthers and Banners

Romney birther banner

In profile, slightly out-of-focus and monumental in contrast to the plane, the photo, with the cartoon-like tagline, is also a parody of a man who is known to change his own banner by the season and the day. On the verge of being officially stamped as the GOP standard bearer, the sense here is more of a simulacrum of a more realized challenger than an original truly there.

A week ago, I would have skipped over this as petty. But with the Romney campaign concluding that they aren’t going to win without rallying white men, be careful what you ask for, especially with the national photo press around.

(photo: Brian Snyder/Reuters caption: A plane carrying a banner which reads, “America is Better than Birtherism”, flies behind U.S. Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney at a campaign rally in Powell, Ohio August 25, 2012..)

  • quincyscott

    At least John McCain had some courageous moments when he stood up to the paranoid stupidity of his own party. Romney stoops to a new low nearly every day. Mount Rushmore profile, but nothing inside.

    • Chilidawg

      Mount Rushmore profile, Mount Rushmore brains.

  • bks3bks

    Excellent picture, but would be improved by photoshopping the plane to be flying in one ear and out the other. Romney outsources everything, including his thinking.


  • LanceThruster

    Seeing that juxtaposition makes my heart soar like an eagle.

  • davidfarrar

    At least Birthers can spell.

    ex animo


    • Chilidawg

      How’s that lawsuit working out for you?

      Orly’s one heck of a lawyer, eh?

  • black_dog_barking

    The fuzzy image visually explains any of Romney’s stated policies, compared to them this photo is in focus.

  • Cactus

    In looking at this photo, I realized that over the past couple of weeks
    I’ve had the feeling that something important has left Romney. Something
    inside, akin to confidence. This photo with the head held high and the very
    slight inkling of a smile is just a facade he has perfected over the past seven
    or more years of aspiring to the highest elected office. It is as if he is no
    longer in charge of the train he is on. He’s lost control of his own destiny
    and is now being pushed by darker forces over which he has no control. You can
    see it in this photo — behind the mask he always wears (at least in public)
    there is a sad man on the verge of tears. That doesn’t mean he won’t win — I
    think there’s a good possibility he will win. It just won’t be ‘his’ win.

  • matt

    nice catch, michael!

  • davidfarrar

    Orly? She licks my white male ass, she’s so hot. Just like my mother used to. Got a problem with that, Bub?

    ex animo

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