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July 18, 2012

Weiners and People

Weiner family People Mag

Excuse my blatant sarcasm. I’ve been particularly wary these days about the machinations of the PR industry when it comes to political celebrity. Case in point: this first pass at a rehabilitation of the Weiner brand is just so flimsy, especially with the guy already sniffing around for his next elective office while making cracks about how he got a raw deal because of his last name. His wife seems such a lovely person, too — not deserving of his baggage, and certainly not the Islamic racism Huma’s the target of by way of his infamy.

I love the Martha Stewart-style photo though. Given that Weiner was Congressional Washington’s closest thing to a porn star, how much symbolism can you pack into a simple family photo?

(photo: Christopher Kolk for People)

  • Cactus

    I’ve been suspicious of this entire mess from the beginning.  I don’t tweet or text, but with that in mind, is it not possible that (a) Weiner did text porno shot and (b) someone did hack into his files and find it?  Weiner was outspoken on the democratic side and wasn’t bashful about calling out the right and rather rudely.  Just saying.  Now that he has ‘indicated’ that he might run for another office, the right is telling him, okay – you didn’t take our hint, now we go after your wife.    And, yes, this photo and where it appeared is obviously to show everybody he is, after all, just a lovin’ family man. 

    • Michael Shaw

      To the extent rehab now refers to a media, as opposed to a psychological process, this man is still walking (if no longer texting) wounded.

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