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July 27, 2012

TIME Cover: .223-Caliber Aurora, Gun Control Parting Shot


Oops, for a second I thought it was the Freedom Tower.

Props to TIME for the “wait a minute.” With eyeballs turning to the Olympics for the next two weeks effectively knocking the Dark Knight massacre out of the news cycle, this cover and photo-illustration serves as a last word on Aurora, a lamentation, front-and-center, that gun control — including automatic weapon control — has become a losing cause.

The TIME write-up states that:

Bartholomew Cooke is “a talented young photographer who specializes in capturing the power of inanimate objects.”

Understated, iconic, alight and ominous at the same time, perhaps there is actually a larger life for Mr. Cooke’s photo-illustration. In recognition of the political reality, maybe it could serve as a warning sign outside schools, supermarkets, hospitals, movie theaters.

(photo-illustration: Bartholomew Cooke for TIME)

  • Wayne Dickson

    Blood-drenched assault rifle?

  • ColinN

    Black background. Time is in mourning.

  • bks3bks

    The drought (top left), might be a much bigger story.


  • Stan
  • Stan B.
  • gmoke

    The terrible thing about that cover is “by Joe Klein.”  Why does that liar and purveyor of warmed over pablum still have a soapbox?

  • tinwoman

    Guns will always win in America because white men want to continue to murder minorities without accountability, under the guise of “defending themselves”.

    That’s it and that’s all it is.

    • Racrawfo

      You sound real intelligent! LOSER

  • Stan B.

    People who have nothing to say but call other people “Loser” always sound uber intelligent.

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