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July 20, 2012

Homophobic Boy Scouts, Paterno on the Run, Dubya the Economist? Notorious Photo Edits of the Week

Bush Economics book baseball game
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With the Boy Scouts doubling down on their gay ban this week, the photo the Daily News ran had the feeling of a backlash — especially with the AP photo credited to “Anonymous.” One thing the picture of Scout executive Bob Mazzuca is playing on is the meme of anti-gay advocates as repressed homosexuals.


The threats toward, and defense of Penn State’s Joe Paterno statue has created not just a lot of tension, but a lot of attention, flowers, notes and citizens congregating around the monument this week. In this version, however, the coach looks like he’s running for the first cab out of town.

Bush Economics book baseball game

I guess it wasn’t an option for the NYT to simply ignore a new book of economic proposals, these essays brought forth by one George W. Bush. (He’s purported to have also written the introduction.) Given the photo they chose to accompany the article, however, seems we’re just looking at more backlash.

(Edited 9:20 am. One photo removed for lack of context.)

(photo 1: Anonymous/AP. photo 2: Chris Gardner/Getty Images. caption: A statue of former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno is seen November 19, 2011 at Beaver Stadium in State College, Pennsylvania. photo 3: LM Otero/Associated Press caption: Former President George W. Bush at a Texas Rangers baseball game on July 7 in Arlington, Tex. On Tuesday, he will present a book of national economic proposals by an array of experts.)

  • LanceThruster

    It’s still hard for me to believe that the puppetmasters found a way to install this guy on the throne (twice no less).

    What an embarrassment.

    • black_dog_barking

      The poster boy for upward failure. Saturday afternoon nostalgia.

  • Gasho

    I find pictures of Bush very unsettling. 

    I see him standing there, feeling all those eyes on him. He looks like he’s angry, or maybe embarrassed.. like he’s one button short on that shirt and doesn’t want anyone to know.  ”They’re all looking at my button! The bastard who took my button, why, I’m gonna…”

    The guilty conscience must be absolutely overwhelming. Even if he’s stupid as a brick, his unconscious mind has to know that he killed hundreds of thousands of people and poured chemical weapons from the sky on children in Fallujah. That’s the one that always sticks with me.

    When I see a picture of him – even if it’s attached to some make-believe story about economics [seriously??].. all I see is evil.

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