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July 14, 2012

No Shame: Kozyrev Photographs Syrians at Russian Weapons Bazaar

Show me photos of an international weapons mart and I’m always ready to observe man’s darkest state-sanctioned tools and instincts legally intermingling for the big bucks. (1, 2). This past week’s images by Yuri Kozyrev, however, completely raised the bar. Forget the Russian women in the short skirts helping peddle all that hardware. What Yuri has to show us, at the the biannual Russian war matériel sell-a-thon, are photos of the head of the Syrian delegation looking like a first cousin of Russia’s weapons export staff.

I’m not sure how Kozyrev worked out the access, particularly at this point in time, but it seems somebody’s PR team fell down on the job. In terms of calling out Russia for the $4 billion in weapons sold to Syria, currently being used against its own citizens, these photos are priceless. The first one of the Syrian top representative trying out a new Kalashnikov can be seen as plenty bloodthirsty, especially after you read the last paragraph in TIME’s write up.

And the second looks like a frame from just about any espionage drama, sealing the deal with a handshake.

via: The Syrian Arms Race (TIME)

(photos: Yuri Kozyrev—NOOR for TIME. caption 1: The head of the Syrian delegation to the arms bazaar tries out a new silencer-equipped Kalashnikov assault rifle. caption 2:The head of the Syrian delegation to Russia’s biennial arms bazaar shakes hands with a representative of Rosoboronexport, the Russian state weapons export monopoly.)

  • bks

    Not sure what the point is. The USA is the world’s largest weapons exporter.


    • Stan B.

      Guess the point is- the majority of US citizens is oblivious to that fact. No doubt, in large part because the American sales team keeps a much, much lower profile.

  • Matt Platte

    I’m certainly no firearms expert but isn’t he due for some bruising and a black eye if he pulls the trigger?

  • Chris

    Funny how we never see the phrase “…being used against its own citizens” in relation to counterinsurgency in Iraq, Afghanistan, Columbia, Honduras, etc. I have no love for the Syrian government and this is a PR blunder par exellence but I wish there were photographers at the Saudi / Qatari / Turkish / American / British arms deals with the “protestors”.

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