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July 17, 2012

Kiss Cam: A Metaphor

Kiss Cam 1a

The Obamas did not kiss during the first half when the camera focused on them, NBC News reports. They even received roars and some boos from the crowd, according to The Associated Press.

But in the fourth quarter, the “Kiss Cam” once again pointed at the first couple and the president was ready.

from: President Obama and first lady need second try on ‘Kiss Cam’ (MSNBC)

True to form for Obama, isn’t it?

In the early going, he doesn’t show passion and people come down on him for it. (The NYT made more out of the boo birds than MSNBC did.) Then, getting another go at it and having learned, he brings it. (You hear that, McConnell?)

I don’t know if it portends anything, but you could extend the metaphor to the U.S. (and LeBron) also. First Kiss Cam attempt: US 21, Brazil 29. Second try: US 66, Brazil 59.

Obamas Kiss Cam 2


And then the larger point here, perhaps….

What most people fail to remember or recognize regarding Obama is that we elected not only a smart, talented and charismatic C.I.C., but also a quite young and not-all-that-politically-seasoned one. The fact that he tends to “get it” in “the second half” is not only understandable but (should be) largely expectable.

  • LanceThruster

    Terrorist kiss bump!

  • Libby Stack

    The sad part this along with him singing 3 notes of an Al Green song will actually prompt some of the uneducated masses to vote for him.

    • TopCathy

      I’m pretty sure the people voting for him are doing so for reasons other than his wife-kissing al-green-singing ways. For example, maybe they like healthcare reform, equal rights for women and for LGBT people, and an actual policy wonk making policy. Or maybe between the last Republican presidency and the current GOP shenanigans in Congress they’ve just had enough of incompetent liars.

  • Weldon Berger

    We didn’t elect a “C.I.C.,” Michael, we elected a president.

  • Matt

    how about that “dick cheney” looking over his shoulder?

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