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July 20, 2012

Dark Knight Massacre

Barry Gutierrez aurora batman shooting nydailynews

In a poignant scene from the immediate aftermath of what’s being called “The Dark Knight” massacre, this image communicates how everyday life can slam to a halt in an instant. At the same time it’s about tragedy and grief, however, the logo also opens up the inevitable questions about Hollywood and the entertainment industry, about the action movie and violent entertainment, and whether any stimulus from the Batman brand in particular (given the intensity of the film and the terrorism plot) bears any connection to distress in the culture and this act of violence.

Screen shot 2012 07 20 at 12 31 09 PM

I should note, by the way, that the photo above by AP’s Barry Gutierrez is technically not the one I’m technically writing about. There was a wider version with more police car in the background that led the NYT article on the shooting this morning, and also appeared in their slideshow (captured in the thumbnail), that has since been removed.

(photo: Barry Gutierrez/AP. caption: Judy Goos, left, hugs her daughters friend, Isaiah Bow, 20, an eyewitnesses, as Terrell Wallin, 20, right, looks on, outside Gateway High School where witnesses were brought for questioning after a gunman opened fire at the midnight premiere of the “Dark Knight Rises”movie Friday, July 20, 2012 in Aurora. After fleeing the theater, Bow returned to find his girlfriend who turned out to be safe. “Very stupid I know, But I didn’t want to leave her in there,” says Bow.)

  • Matthew Johnston

    “whether any stimulus from the Batman brand in particular (given the intensity of the film and the terrorism plot) bears any connection”

    Bear in mind that this was perpetrated by someone who was not there to see the film and indeed occurred very soon into the screening – perhaps you could make a connection to the previous films, but I rather agree with Roger Eberts take here:

  • bks3bks

    I’m blaming Rush Limbaugh and his conspiralunacy.   Let me quote the drug-addled blowhard describing his Batman = Anti-Romney, Bane = Bain farrago:

     ”…You can’t think that way.  You have to think they’re gonna show up.  You have to
     count on it. You have to plan for it and come up with a way of neutralizing it…”

    Mission accomplished, Rushbo.


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  • Kim Sky

    the full photo is on the aurora sentinel

    it includes a young woman in the background with a huge smile?  perhaps this is why it was removed from the NYT?

    • ColinN

      Looks more like a grimace to me, like she’s holding in her emotions and exhibiting a “bared teeth” primal response to potential danger.

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