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July 13, 2012

A Scanner Moment Just Waiting To Happen: Romney in Retail Land


This photo of Romney in Retail Land wouldn’t be all that noteworthy except that Mitt has shown little interest in playing down his wealth.  Now, I’m not saying I’d know where the barcode is either. (This shot is from a food bank in Colorado.) But then, I’m also not running for President of the United States. With his susceptibility to seeming out of touch, the picture draws Mitt dangerously close to George H. W. Bush territory.

The “amazing” thing, though, is that this isn’t first evidence of Romney’s illiteracy when it comes to the check-out line:

Given Mitt’s so “checked out” about life on Main Street that he didn’t even know about self-check out technology (and worse, didn’t assume his ignorance was showing), his existence in a different America than the other 99%+ is a just a (campaign) disaster waiting to happen.

(photo: Rick Wilking/Reuters. caption: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney looks for the barcode on food as he helps workers at the Care and Share for Southern Colorado food bank in Colorado Springs, Colorado July 10, 2012. The food bank is serving victims of the Waldo Canyon wildfire.)

  • LanceThruster

    Why is a bar code even needed at a food bank? Where’s the photo op of Mitt meeting with those needing to avail themselves to food bank food (you know, the ones he’s not concerned about because they have that cushy safety net)?

  • black_dog_barking

    With his susceptibility to seeming out of touch, the picture draws Mitt dangerously close to George H. W. Bush territory. 

    The hairy tan arms protruding below rolled up sleeves (heaven forbid, not short sleeves) is a iconic reminder of those times when our smallest President wanted to think that the country  thought he was one of us. (He’d rolled up his sleeves, get it?) I thought we could never elect someone worse than the first Bush but, oh, was I wrong when his progeny burst on the scene. McCain would probably been worse than the second Bush and this guy looks worse than McCain. That’s what passes for progress in the America I’m growing old in.

  • Gasho

    It occurred to me who Romney is.

    He’s a good looking guy who’s going to give us ALL tax breaks… you know, to fix the deficit. He’s going to pay for the tax breaks by finding and fixing loopholes, so he says, though he’s simultaneously a staunch opponent of financial regulation.

    This while he, himself, is the posterboy for both using (not fixing) loopholes and the needing (not calling for) financial regulation.

    He absolutely does not operate at the ‘cash register level’. Unfortunately, he is also not operating at the very basic level of ‘non-contradicting economic platform’.

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