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June 1, 2012

Mitt Photo-Op of the Day: Solar Eclipse

Here we see Romney posing in front of Solyndra, the solar energy company that went under after receiving millions in federal loan guarantees in an attack on President Obama’s management of the economy.

Whether it’s because he was outshone in the news cycle by portrait unveilings and verdicts, the story has no political traction or there’s no real visual hook there, photographer Jim Wilson captures Mitt, playing for soundbites, upstaged by a building.

Grade: D-

– Karen Hull

via The New York Times

(photo: Jim Wilson/The New York Times caption: Mitt Romney in California, at the headquarters of Solyndra, a failed solar company that got millions in federal loan guarantees.)

  • Enoch Root

    What strikes me about photo ops like this is: Every camera present *could* have this same perspective. That is, no photojournalist *needs* to frame the scene to flatter the powerful. And yet they do. If you look for this press conference on google images, you see all these carefully-framed images with closeups of Romney.

    Is it the photojournalist’s job to lend credibility to the rhetoric in this way? Will he or she get fired if they don’t bring home a flattering pic? Photo-ops like this are possible because so many people’s livelihoods hang on a desired editorial narrative.

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