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June 29, 2012

Bachmann and Jesus

Bachmann Jesus

In a sensical America, the one Jeff Daniels went on-and-on ranting has disappeared, this photo would reflect the SCOTUS decision as a come-to-Jesus moment for Bachmann and the GOP. But then, how do you get there when the script is written on a tablet? And I do mean, the stone variety.

Also disheartening is the mimetic quality of the figures-in-question, both in white, hair the same color and texture, and most creepily, Madame Tussaud, that same (not-of-this-world) blue-eyed gaze. It’s a perfect snapshot of what really ails us: biblical myopia.

(photo: Brendan Hoffman for the New York Times caption: Representative Michele Bachmann, Republican of Minnesota, outside the Supreme Court after the ruling. NYT Slideshow.)

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